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When you talk of one traditional ruler who has got great Style, his name will surely pop up. This is because the Akarigbo of Remoland, His Royal Majesty, Oba Babatunde Adewale Ajayi is a man of great sartorial elegance. Anytime you see him at events he reeks of Class and Style, from his glittering white limousine to his richly embroidered Agbada.

Even before he came on the throne a year ago, as Akarigbo, he had always been stylish be it in corporate outfits or in native attires. He had always looked regal.

But when Oba Ajayi became King, he stepped up his fashion style big time. Right now, he is easily one of the best dressed traditional rulers in Yorubaland and of course Nigeria.

Just check out his dressing, since he became King and you will see that he has stepped up his fashion style. His choice of fabrics are always exquisite. They are usually top of the range. He loves white a great deal and that explains why he wears a lot of well tailored white agbadas. He also wears other colours too. Kabiyeesi is quite adventurous with colours. He loves good colours that depict Royalty. His caps are well designed and they are encrusted with beads. He loves coral beads and he loves to wear those long Ijebu neck chains encrusted with gold.

He also has a great taste in watches. He has a rare collection of exquisite watches. How about shoes? He wears the very best. He loves those specially made, hand-woven suede shoes he buys abroad.

What enhances all of these is Kabiyeesi’s towering figure. He has a great figure which makes whatever outfit he wears to seat well on him. The fact that Kabiyeesi is handsome makes him a lot more attractive when he steps out. He also has a carriage that will make you look at him over and over again. He also uses a richly encrusted walking stick that adds glamour and panache to his dressing.
That is why everywhere the Akarigbo goes these days all heads turn in his direction, as many people usually take a 2nd and 3rd look at this man of great style who never ceases to leave a lasting impression with his remarkable dressing. All hail our Kabiyeesi!
- Seye Kehinde

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