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Oloori Sandra Adeseye-Thomas likes to look good all the time. She can’t afford not to. She makes other ladies look good. So she is a good advertisement for what she does.
What does Fashion & Style means to you?
Fashion and Style to me is an expression of who I am... as much as I don’t follow trends, I pick from trends and apply it positively to my styles...I know the rules when it comes to F&S. As easy as you may think it is you don’t want to break the rules as well.”
How about beauty? What is the secret of your beauty?
“Secrets of my beauty are: I sleep a lot, I do my 8 hours of sleep daily, I may not have it at a stretch I make up for it other hours, I eat good food, more of veggies, I dink lots of water, I pamper my skin with good, quality products...I can’t afford to use low quality products on my skin cause the damage may take years to be repaired”
Why did you go into the beauty business?
“My passion as always being to make people more beautiful. I love what I do and  it gives me joy to see my clients turn out so beautiful/get their desired results at the end of  Our consultations.
How come you chose to deal in Makari products?
“I chose Makari products when a particular popular brand I was using back then was discontinued in the US, where I was living at that time, due to its high hydroquinone content. I spoke to my dermatologist then and we agreed I try ORIGINAL Makari products as they are free from harmful chemicals. I tried the products and the results were amazing, the dark knuckles I had from my previous creams were cleared, patches gone...flawless skin creped in and I was amazed...I just, at that time, decided I had to help people like me...women like me, people were asking me questions and the only way I could respond positively was to encourage them to try the products and see for themselves and that’s how setting up Makari Lagos came into reality.”
Why do you feel ladies should go for Makari products?
“The products are not for ladies alone. Men also use the products. We have for children, babies. So it’s a total package for everyone. The only difference is ladies are much more beauty conscious than men...We love to have flawless skin. We go through a lot of cycles that causes a lot of changes in our skin, like acne from pregnancy, hormonal changes, stretch marks from childbirth and using products that contains steroids, mercury and hydroquinone, harmful sunrays and radicals that causes sunburn and patches - These are the main focus of Makari range of products...We have specific products to tackle all these issues”.
What has been your experience in the beauty business?
“My experience has been an eye opener because I started the business from South Africa and moving the business to Nigeria is a whole ball game entirely. The way Nigerians accepted the products and beauty products in general is quite different from where I was coming from. So the challenges braced me up! I had to up my game to make sure I’m up to date in research and also broaden my horizons to answer clients questions, proffer solutions to skin problems...because for me as a beautician,  it’s not just about selling the products but consulting which is my strong point because it’s important to know that makari products are not just what you grab on the shelves and use without proper enlightenment as we have for different skin types and tones vice versa...If you pick the wrong ones it may cause some damages that will take some time to repair”.

Who is Olori Sandra?
Olori Sandra Thomas is a beautician based in Lagos, Managing Director, Makari De Suisse Lagos proud owners of Makari range of skincare products ...My parents are from Ekiti. I’m married to a Lagos Prince. We are blessed with lovely boys and girls, an extrovert and a lover of good food ... I actually love to cook as well!

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