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How Dazzling Daizy Dazzles Them In LONDON

Dazzlin Daizy is a London based entertaining MC/Comedienne and event organiser, a trendsetter; a fashionista and an astute business lady with an enigmatic personality who has 26 years of indisputable experience.
She has a wide range of contacts in the entertainment industry that comes in handy when clients requires or struggling with contacts. She has successfully anchored many events across Europe and beyond with high profile seasoned Comedians, Musicians, DJs, and Vendors.

If fashion could be renamed after someone it should be Dazzlin Daizy.

One of today's most daring, irreverent and playful sartorial taste-makers, Dazzlin Daizy is known for her sense of style, her critique and insights manage to break down each of the imperfections that she sees, and it doesn’t matter if it comes from a renowned fashion house. She’s a figure of respect and her fashion creativity is more than of a fashion designer, which is why she has been vetoed by industry legends such as exquisiteness, leaving her clients and critics wanting more of Dazzlin Daizy stylishness. She has reinvented all the paradigms of modern femininity.

She lives to empower women around the world: “Dazzlin Daizy wants to represent women who are fighting for their role and their rights and who become icons and representatives of a certain idea”.

As a seasoned MC, she takes extra measures in making clients the star of the show. She is multi-tasking, productive, confident and calm when under pressure. One of her goals is to ensure that client and their guest have a fun and memorable day and fully supported with absolute professionalism.

She is a client-focused MC and Comedienne who brings years of experience into every event she hosts. On stage, she is vibrant, engaging and memorable either as an MC or as a Comedienne. Her wisdom and insights ensure the audience always leaves with fun-packed memories. Off stage, she works hard to contribute ideas and provide assistance to clients before, during and after each event.

For so many years she has been promulgating her art and has been the recipient of countless recognition and now her brand is one of the most respected and admired in the entertainment industry.

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