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Using Herbs Is Far, Far Better Than Western Drugs


Do you know that you can treat all your simple ailments like cold, cataarh, malaria, fever typhoid, back pain, waist pain and co with Herbs? Do you know that ladies can treat a lot of their health challenges like Fibroids, Painful menses, with Herbs? Do you also know that health challenges, like low libido, delayed ejaculation, impotence can be cured via Herbs? Do you know that even serious health issues like Hypertension, Diabetes, Postrate Cancer, Low Blood sugar &other debilitating diseases can be cured by Herbs.

Have you noticed that lately many people have been going back to alternative medicine as opposed to orthodox medicine to treat their ailments. They are increasingly resulting to taking Herbs (Agbo) to treat their everyday ailments. Agbo is a general term used to describe herbal medicine among Yorubas and it comes in either Agunmu, Egbogi or Elewe.

We can tell you that in many South-West states like Ibadan, Akure, Ondo, Ado-Ekiti, Abeokuta and Lagos, people are now going back to local herbs. Gone are the days when Herbs was seen in negative light. These days, many celebrities see Herbs as 10 times as powerful when compared to orthodox medicine.

City People has found out that there is Agbo for different ailments. For instance, there is Agbo Iba (for Malaria), there is Agbo Jedi (for sugar and pile), there is Agbo for the prevention of premature ejaculation. City People has found out that the art of making agbo is mixing of local herbs to cure ailments. And it is seen as very effective and affordable. As cheap as N100 to N500 you can get herbs that can help treat common ailments like pile or waist pain. That is why there is a mad rush for Herbs. What many don’t know is that most medical drugs are from herbs.

A few weeks back, City People Publisher, SEYE KEHINDE spoke to Mowunmi Bolupe Akintoye, a popular Iya Alagbo at Olomore area in Abeokuta who revealed and testified to the efficacy of Herbs in the treatment of common ailments. She told City People that what is needed atimes might not be herbs, but simple fruits and vegetables. Read on. Her views are educative.

People call you Iya Alagbo. Can you properly introduce yourself and what you do?

Yes. I am an Iya Alagbo, but my name is Omowunmi Bolupe Akintoye. I am an expert in Herbs. I studied a bit of Herbs and I have discovered the importance of Herbs. Realistically, Herbs is far, far better than the Western drugs. Let me give the example of somebody who is Hypertensive. No matter how long it takes to treat, it affects the Libido. It affects the sexual urge. 

That is one side effect. But with Herbs it has no side effect, even though it is slower in action. At the end of the day you will get the result if properly taken, to advice. If you use Herbs there are some things you must do away with. A man who has High blood pressure has to do away with alcohol and cigarettes and maintain healthy foods. He has to maintain good diet. 

He has to avoid fatty foods, this so call snacks, meat pie. He has to keep strictly to good food, a lot of vegetable, fibres, and a lot of water, especially first thing in the morning. The person has to drink a lot of water. Any person who is hypertensive should start his or her day with lukewarm water, about 2 cups and last thing at night, it does a lot to help the heart. It cleans the heart. There is a lot of things herbs can do for you. Sincerely speaking, since I have been involved in it I have learnt a lot about Herbs and how it works. I have been into Herbs now for the past 6 years. I love to counsel people a lot about the beauty of Herbs. 

Some people believe that being in the herbal world makes you fetish. That is not true. Those who think that way are ignorant of the health benefits of Herbs. Herbal treatment is not fetish. It’s a big No. I say No. It helps people a lot. Let me tell you a simple example. Let’s talk about Bitter Leaf. Its good for the system. Many don’t know this. Its good for  the heart. Its good for the Liver and intenstine. So, if you maintain a good and healthy life, with herbs you will live longer and healthier. I have a lot of people I have treated with Herbs and they have come back to say thank you. They are very appreciative about my advice.

Is it true health challenges like High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, can be treated with Herbs?

Of course yes. There are herbs that can lower your High Blood Pressure. You don’t need drugs to do that because the drugs have after effect. We have been talking about Hypertension for quite sometime but it might interest you to know that there is another problem coming up now, which is Cancer and Kidney Failure. We have observed that for quite sometime. Kidney Failure has to do with a lot of toxins in the system. Taking a lot of water freshens the kidney. 

It takes care of the kidney. Though the Western world says they have not discovered what causes cancer, I think part of Cancer problem is due to taking unhygienic food, especially taking Oily and fatty food and unhealthy environment. If your environment is clean and you eat well you won’t suffer Cancer. It might interest you to know that most of our people do over cooking, of our food, thereby destroying all the nutrients in what we cook, especially vegetables. 

If you have to cook your vegetables you just need about 5 minutes, at most 5 minutes, between 3 and 5 minutes. That’s when you can have all the nutrients intact. I will recommend that whatever vegetable is being cooked should not be taken for more than a day. If you have to preserve it, you can put it in the fridge and when you have to take it for your next meal you can steam it. But not cooking it again or over cooking it on the gas or stove for another 5 to 10 minutes.

Another good and healthy thing I will recommend is Onions. Onion is too good for the heart. It purifies the blood and works wonders on the heart too. So onion is very good and I repeat it is really, really very good. Another good leaf is Basil leaf (Efinrin) It is very good. It empties your  Bowel especially if you have it with a handful of Bitter leaf, first thing in the morning or last thing at night. From my own experience I think, herbs should be taken either first thing in the morning or last thing at night, when you are about to sleep. The assimiation is faster and it goes straight into your system.

How about Rheumatism? Can herbs treat Rheumatism?

Ah! Yes! Yes! It does. Herbs can be used to take care of Rheumatism. Let me tell you a bit about that. Rheumatism is the pains of the joints. Ginger does a lot to relieve you. A handful of Ginger does the magic. If not for the fact that it will hurt your mouth if you take it raw like that, taking ginger a day helps, either first thing in the morning or last thing at night. 

For those who have ulcer you have to be very careful because of the pepperish nature of Ginger. Rheumatism is just pains at the joints, when you have the lubrications at the joints not functioning well. If the fluid or lubricants at the joints is drying off you will tend to have pains. I will recommend a lot of ginger for those who have Arthritis or Rheumatism. That is pains in the marrow, when the marrow is drying up, when the marrow is not fleshy enough.

These days a lot of prominent people just drop dead due to Hypertension or Stroke. How can some of these be avoided.

That one is simple. You need a lot of rest period. Your health has to be managed well. Good food, sleep well, relax very well. Do you know there is a particular leaf for sleeping that you can take that will help you sleep well, if you can’t sleep, if you are suffering from sleeplessness. Its just a leaf that you need to cook for just 5 minutes for at most, 5 minutes. 

Then you will sleep off and all your nerves will be relaxed and you will enjoy your life. But, the environment is important, the food, the economy of the nation and the stress, all these factors have a lot to do with whether you can sleep or not. They also lead to people dropping dead. Stress is a killer. To sum it up, Herbal remedy has a lot of cure for whatsoever ailment you suffer from, provided that it has not gotten out of hand before you look after it or treated.

I will recommend a lot of knowledge for the upcoming ones. I have heard the experience of herbs since the time of late Elizabeth Kafaru of blessed memory. She was very good. She used to talk to us about Herbs on TV. Femi Kusa has also helped me. 

I read his articles every Thursday in The Guardian. Lately, there is a Father Dodo. But Elizabeth Kafaru really gingered my interest about Herbs. Rev. Father Dodo also has done a lot to get me interested in Herbs because of his column in The SUN. For those who want to live healthy and appreciate being alive, I advise you read all these columns. They are regular columns in The SUN and The Guardian on Thursday. It will improve your knowledge of herbs.

My message to you all is take Herbs, Herbs, Herbs. It is really wonderful. There is no permanent cure in the Western world for diabetes. But I can assure you there is a lot of permanent cure in Herbs, though herbal remedy for diabetes. I am 100% sure, provided you keep to dosage and instructions and don’t abuse it.

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