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Sola Opesan Premieres 'Terrain Of Power', Holds MBE Improver Awards 2018 Amidst Glits & Glamour [PHOTOS]

The purpose of life they say is not to be happy but to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, and to make some difference that you have lived and lived well. Such is the story of Miss Black Europe, MBE President, Sola Opesan Brown, when she locked down Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja on Saturday, February 17, 2018, as she premieres her debut movie “Terrain of Power” amidst glitz and glamour and gave out the 2018 MBE Improver Awards to well-deserving nominees.

The selected guests that showed up to support Sola at the movie premiere and the awards are not ones you can find easily at social events or common gathering.

The accolades and encomium showered upon her by friends and supporters is a pointer to the saying that there is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of her way to make life beautiful for others.

Some of the guests who spoke with City People described her as a woman of steel who cuts the picture of hard work, diligence, and love for one's country. Just as Hon Adeogun simply puts it, “she lightens the burdens of others with her deeds”.

For the benefit of those who are just hearing the name Sola Opesan for the first time, this is your lucky day; Find out what some of the guests said about her...


Professor Olu Aina
I met Sola about two years ago, accidentally. And ever since, we have been in touch and she educated me on what she was doing and I was fascinated about her courage because I know that she is in a field that is still fledging in the country. I have been giving her words of encouragement all along so I’m very happy to see today.

Whoever works or does anything to encourage those in the Diaspora to come home and be part of the development of this country, I am their natural partner. I was in the Diaspora too, before I was brought to Nigeria by Ahmadu Bello University to teach and I have never regretted it. I have paid my dues to this country and I will live everybody to come and make their own contributions because the countries where these people are were built by human beings themselves. So they to should come home and join the rest of us, to work together and rejoice together as we develop this country together.

Hon. Israel Ajibola Famurewa

"I am Hon. Israel Ajibola Famurewa, a member representing Atakumosa East and West, Ilesha East and West in the house of representative. Sola Opesan is someone I know right from youth and I want to commend and appreciate the special quality in her especially in the area of promoting our culture even outside Nigerian soil.

"She has been doing well over the years and I am happy that she brought this program back home this time around. I know she has been doing this all over Europe and some other African countries. So I just want to commend her and pray God will give her more energy, knowledge, and wherewithal to continue with the program, because it very laudable one, I'm really impressed about her role in promoting the African culture outside our soil.

"The Nollywood should coordinate themselves to access the government provision in that sector, There was a time the federal government made provision of about 4 billion to support the sector in 2013. And I believe up till now the government is still doing it. It now depends on the people in that sector can coordinate themselves and tap into that opportunity."

Hon. Adewale Adeogun (Middle)

I am honorable Adewale Adeogun, I am the secretary to Ilogu SDA in Ogun state. Sola has been a very wonderful person. We meet sometimes 2013 and it has been very wonderful, she has been very hardworking. I was one of her awardees sometimes in 2014 in Manchester. I have missed out of the other years, not because I was not following her but because I was very engaged with my community calling.

But I want to tell you that sola has been very wonderful, diligent and respectful. She has been very passionate about this pageant and she never looked back.

About Nigerians In Diaspora

We don’t have a choice, this is our home. I was based in Lagos before I decided to go back home. No matter how long you stay abroad, your home is your home. I was one of those that advised her to come home and she assured she will come.

I want to believe that what she will experience here will encourage her to stay glued to Nigerian system because she’s one of the best in that industry.

She has repackaged pageantry. She has repackaged celebrating people and that is why I’m here. I was a little bit down, today but I said to myself I can’t miss out on Gambia event last year and miss out of Nigeria’s event too.


Yinka Ogunduyimu (Left)

Sola happens to be someone I have known way back since 1985 we have been together. We were in Art faculty together so I’m not surprised she is doing this. I congratulate her, knowing she is not even based in Nigeria, but then she’s done this for her country, she’s come back to do something for her country. I wish her all the best. If Nigerians in Diaspora can put resources together, identify with the country, then we are very much on the go.


Chief Imokeke Ugo Chimereze
MBE has been in existence for some years. We started this event in Holland in 2011. Sola was a good friend of mine. I know her in Europe since 2004. When she told me about the new invention I was very happy because it's not easy to see someone having focus,. Today we are in Nigeria for it. I really appreciate her effort and thank God for all the support she got.

She once told me she wants to enter into the movie industry and I said I will be here to support the cause. I am also grateful she counted me worthy to be part of this gathering today.

About Nigerians In Diaspora

I was part of those who formed PDP in 1999 when I was in Italy. Olusegun visited us in Italy to mobilize support from us. I moved to Holland from Italy. I tried to initiate the party to Nigerians there too. So, I really encourage youth to be involved in politics because Nigeria belongs to us. If youths are not involved in the decision making in the country, that means we are not going anywhere. That is why we are imploring that our fathers should give us the space to be part of the government.

A lot of talented Nigerians are all over the world, only if our leaders can only give space so that new ideas will come.


Ayo Ademokoya (Left)

I am Ayo Ademokoya, CEO Reality Broadcasting Network, media consultant, author, and blogger.

I met Sola 4 years ago, And since that time she’s been very wonderful. I noticed that she reserved sincere people around her, I noticed she has the vision and she’s a man in a woman’s clothing. So each time she comes up with an idea it’s always achievable. So I thank God because from organizing awards all over the world. Even for some of us in Nigeria, we know how difficult and demanding it is to do anything successfully in Nigeria. So for her to get to this level, shot the film and premiering it in Lagos shows that she’s a unique person, she a brilliant person and very unique, and my prayer is that she will e able to realize all that she’s set out to realize  because its not easy but she’s forging ahead.

I don’t blame people in Diaspora for not coming. A lot of them want to come but even you that is in Nigeria, you have to research very well to know where you want to put your money into, but unfortunately, some of them don’t research very well. They don’t contact the kind of people they should contact. They just hear that Transport business is booming and they just buy into it and the next 3 months, they are frustrated and they think Nigeria is not good. Nigeria is the best place to invest if you are patient. Sola has paid her dues and she’s making a headway.

I once had a friend, he came all the way from Texas and he wanted to invest. He’s older than I, but I keep telling him, Egbon, we don’t do things this way in Nigeria and he would say things are different in Texas and Texas way is better. At the end of the day, he barely could sustain the business for three years. He came back about 10 years later to do it the way I had suggested. I don’t blame them. Sola is fortunate to meet the kind of people she has met and she threaded it softly and listen to advise. That’s the difference.

So I will advise anybody in the Diaspora to use Sola as a case study and even consult her; ask her. Talk to people and understand the terrain. Even if you are living in Ibadan and want to invest in Lagos, you still have to shine your eyes, not to talk of coming all the way from abroad. So I don’t blame people in Diaspora for not coming but those that are coming should take it easy; step by step and at the end of the day, this is the best place you can invest.

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