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Gbenga Adebija is a big name in the corporate world. This is because he has been in that sector for over 2 decades. A few years back, this debonair gentleman got appointed DG of the Nigerian-German Business Association an international business organization which promotes trade and multi-lateral relations between Nigeria and Germany and he has done a great job of it. Steadily, he has revamped the organisation and made it the envy of other business associations and has done that with so much ease. He has a big brief to handle both the administrative and business side of NGBA, He superintends over a prestigious association. Let’s tell you more.

The Nigerian-German Business Association was founded on October 15, 1986 to promote bilateral trade between Nigeria and Germany. The NGBA comprises representatives of the German business community in Nigeria, the Nigerian business community in Germany, the delegation of German Industry and Commerce/AHK Nigeria and the German Embassy in Nigeria. NGBA is a private sector driven association with more than 400 German and Nigerian member companies, which also has access to German Chambers of Commerce in 130 locations and 80 countries across five continents. The membership  NGBA spans a broad spectrum of the Nigerian business sector including banking, construction, healthcare, professional services, Aviation, Automobile and ICT.
The NGBA offers a variety of tailor-made services and benefits to her members in Nigeria and Germany,  these include;  access to a broad ranging contact, Platforms for advocacy, B2B & Introduction Meetings in Nigeria and Germany, Market information and Advisory, Business Referral, capacity building, Newsletter and Communication, Visa Support Services and Dual Vocational Training (DVT).

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