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Kabba Day 2017 took place at Kabba Stadium and it featured special activities that promote and showcase the cultural heritage of Owe land, Kabba, Kogi.

Kabba is the headquarters of Okun speaking communities, located in Western Senatorial District of Kogi.
The event, which was planned by President of Kabba Development Union, KDU, Eng. Emmanuel Ajidero, took place at Kabba Stadium, and guests were entertained with special delicacies and cultural parades. 

Some of the activities include cultural dance and music such as “Woro, Erigbo, Agbelege, masquerades, Are-Ode Ibo, lbo tita, Udi (local wrestling) and Ayo competitions.

There was also Owe kitchen featuring special owe delicacies of `akpolomolo’, `shakoro, `akuku’, `takelekon, `obe ikan’ and owe snacks of `popolo’, `akara-din-din-eka’, just to mention a few.

It also include cultural songs and folk tales and cultural dances from invited groups across the country.

The event, which is also aimed at promoting and showcasing cultural heritage of Owe community, provide an avenue for socio-cultural interaction among Owe sons and daughters home and abroad in every friendly environment.
Kabba kingdom is situated in the Northern hemisphere of the equatorial forests of Nigeria; somewhere around the beginning of the Savannah region. It can be classified as one of the gateway regions to the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja). Kabba serves as a junction of seven major roads from different parts of the country. The advantages of this central location are however not yet evident in its level of development but it has the trappings of a great kingdom with time.
Kabba kingdom is surrounded by mountains and green habitats which make up for a beautiful aerial view.
Kabba is a town in the western senatorial district of kogi state in Nigeria. Kogi state is a multi ethnic state with three different tribes and Kabba is located in Okun (the yoruba speaking tribe of the state). Kabba people are referred to as “Owe” people.
It is pertinent to note that Kabba kingdom is divided into three major communities
  1. Kabba
  2. Katu
  3. Odolu
Kabba community is made up of six clans, Katu has three clans while Odolu has five. In essence, Kabba kingdom is comprised of thirteen clans.
Prominent people from Kabba include Senator Smart Adeyemi, Tajudeen Yusuf, Funsho Pius Emmanuel, Fadile and so on.

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