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New winners took home cheques of N50, 000 to N500, 000 Thursday, October 26, 2017, as Western Lotto rewards winners in the October 2017 edition of its Mega Upgrade Promo.

The winners include Mr. Ola Aruwajoye, who won N500, 000 in the draw and four others who won N100, 000 each. There were no fewer than 330 winners of N50, 000 each.

Nollywoood stars and Western Lotto brand ambassadors, Zack Orji and Paul Obazele were on hand to present cheques to the winners.

Speaking at the occasion, a director of Western Lotto, Mr. Biodun Akintaju said Western Lotto was paying the winners in line with its brand promise to always pay winners.

“This is what Western Lotto is all about: winning and payment of winnings. We are committed to rewarding our loyal customers, just as we encourage new subscribers to come on-board and experience our unique brand promise,” he said.

Many of the winners relived their experience playing the array of games on the Western Lotto portal and expressed their delight that the company kept to its promise of rewarding winners every month.

It could be recalled that on September 11, Western Lotto rewarded 414 winners with cheques of N50, 000 each. They were the first set of winners in the bumper promotion. Western Lotto states that the firm would eventually give out N165m in winnings through the promo.

Under the Mega Upgrade Promo, Western Lotto promised winnings of N50, 000 by 1000 players, N500, 000 by 30 people, and N1m each by ten gamers. Grand prizes of two cars would go to two winners.

To qualify for the Mega Upgrade Promo draw, participants must play games with a minimum of N3, 000 per month on any or all of Western Lotto’s five international lottery games. The games are LottoRace, PowerBall, EuroJackpot, Mega Millions, Euro Million, UK Lotto and the Kashman array of games.

Western Lotto is Nigeria’s largest gaming and entertainment company with a franchise to offer five international lottery games in partnership with a prominent UK lottery firm. It entered the market on July 10, 2017.

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