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Senator Buruji Kashamu Hosts PDP Members In Ijebu Igbo

Senator Buruji is the senator representing Ogun East and an influencial member of the Peoples’ Democratic Party A few days ago, he hosted members of the party at the Omo Ilu Foundation Centre in Ijebu Igbo. It was well attended by all the top party officials led by the chairman of the party in the State, Chief Bayo Dayo.

In 2009, Senator Kashamu floated the Omoilu Foundation, a non-profit organisation he set up to empower the needy and give hope to the hopeless. Little wonder when a friend asked him why he gives without hesitation, he says “the only thing I do not want to do is to disappoint my God. Let me also confess that the more I empower people, the more God empowers me.”

Some have likened Senator Kashamu to the late businessman cum politician, Chief Moshood Abiola. Not in terms of the financial war chest, colour and reach but his courage, charm and generosity. They say not since Abiola left the political scene have they seen any individual take the stage by storm in a most audacious and dramatic manner.

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