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LAGOS Prophet, ADEGBOYEGA ADENIYI, Speaks On His Church's 2nd Ark Of Mercy Anniversary

•Reveals His Encounter With GOD

On Thursday 31st, August 2017, a Lagos Church, God of Glory New Jerusalem at Simawa, near The Redeemed Camp,  which is part of Cherubim & Seraphim Church of Christ will be having a big anniversary celebration to mark its 2nd Ark of Mercy (Eri Anu). 

And the host is Rev. Prophet Adegboyega Adeniyi, popularly called Omo Emi. The event which promises to be grand will hold at the Church Auditorium @ Simawa, along Oke-Rala via Badore Junction, Shagamu LGA, Ogun State, Nigeria. So many guests artistes have been invited to perform at the event.

Last week, Prophet Adeniyi told City People Magazine how God made his Ministry possible. He also explained the significance of the Ark of Mercy (Apoti Eri). He said Apoti Eri is what God ordered the Isrealites in those good old days. And God has given the Ark to us in Cherubim & Seraphim".
"But again he does not give to all the churches in C&S. There are some called Agbo Jesu. Those are the ones God gave the Ark too. There are other groups. God gave us our own Ark of Mercy.
What is Eri? What is the Ark of Mercy? It is like the Bible and the Quoran. The day God gave us the Ark in our church at The God Of Glory, his previous messages had shown that he would be coming soon with the Ark. So we were wondering how the Ark will come or when it will come. But everywhere we went to, they kept telling us to watch out that they can see that God was about to send his Ark. So, the day it came, it came in as a bright sun. It came in as a big surprise".

"We could not go out for almost 30 minutes. After this bright sun disappeared we looked on the floor and saw this big Ark that looked like a Bible on the floor. We were now wondering what it was all about. All around it was yellow and bright. That was how we knew it was God that sent the Ark. The next thing we saw when we opened the door was a Dove flew in and perched on the pulpit.

That was how we further knew that it was God. This happened two years ago. We started celebrating it last year because when we started it we didn’t have our own land, until God used Yeye for us to have our own land at Shimawa. It was while I was asleep that God showed me the plan that we would have our own church in Simawa. 

It was when I woke up that I asked people about Simawa and they said it existed, near Sagamu. God says once we get this new place we would see this Dove appearing there again as a sign that this is where he wants to be".

"They took us to 3 sites when we were looking for a place. At the first place, we didn’t find the dove, until we got to the second place and we found the Dove. Once we got there, a dove flew down and perched on the ground. We  knelt down and worshipped the dove. Between that time and now God has done a lot for people. 

There are testimonies both in Nigeria and abroad. That is how my name Omo Emi became very popular. When we got to that place there was no water, but God said he will bring water there. We tried to do borehole we didn’t see water. God said we should go and pour salt there and in 3 days we would see the difference. We did and water came out truly".

"He gave us some instructions that we followed, that a woman should not go there and that only a young boy who has not starting having sex should be allowed to go there to fetch water and me. Since then we have been fetching the water and it has been healing people with FIBROIDS. It has helped women get pregnant. People who are applying for Visas drink it. The Ark has been helping us in the church. Anybody who wants to see The Ark can come to our church to see it. The Ark (Eri) is like the Bible and  Quoran put together. After the Bible and the Quoran, nothing more that is greater than the word of God.

There are 10 commandments in it. There are specific instructions in it. That is what we call The Ark plus the names of the Malaika's that God has given us to call and work with. He gave us the name we called it, ERI ANU. We use only water. It is what is Ark.”

How did his church start? He said he wasn’t a prophet (Woli) before. "When I was still living with my parents, we were playing football one day and my dads younger wife was pregnant. She was sitting out there watching us. I now said Iyawo, Iyawo. I said by this time in 3 days time she would have delivered her baby. Oluwaseun will be the name. 

It happened about that time as I predicted. It was around June 12 when there was strike. It was this my dads younger wife that began to tell everyone that I have a special gift, that I predicted correctly. I told her again that she will not give birth again through operation. And that prediction also happened.

After that I had an accident. I dreamt about it and in my dream I saw the accident and it happened exactly the same way I saw it. I spent almost 5 years 7 months in UCH. They said I had to do an operation. 3 days to the operation on my bed in South West 3 ward in the Hospital, one man came in, in Cherubim & Seraphim outfit, with a cap. 

He came in with annointing Oil in a kettle. He removed the plaster on this my left arm and applied the oil on it. After that, they took me into the Theatre and brought me out the next day. Most people felt I was dead. They removed the plaster on my arm and since I was discharged after treatment at the plaster room I have not felt pain on it. 

The original plan was that they were going to cut my hand that I wouldn’t be able to use it. That is how the surprises began. I slept one day and dreamt about one church I can be attending. After I came to Lagos. My brother took me there. That was about 10 years ago. 

I spent almost 5 years with that church called King David at Berger. I left when the leaders began to fight and backbite themselves. From that time, people started inviting me to come to their church to Minister. I also went to Ori Oke Erimo to get power from the Holy Ghost. 

It is on the way to Efon Alaye. I saw the place in my dream and in real life I traced the place. I met Alhaji Babalola (Jesus Never Fails) When the man saw me, he said this is the man God spoke about. As I moved from church to church I started spreading the Oil in 5 places. 

That was how I began, before I went ahead to set up my own church 5 years ago. I started on my own in 2012. And in 5th August 2015 God gave us the Ark. God now said we should celebrate the Ark every last month of August. And since we have been doing it people have been having Testimonies there. All the places I have been to minister they have seen testimonies I have certificates of all the places I have been to minister and to have annointing oil.”

Was he born into Cherubim & Seraphim Church? “No, I was not born into it. I was born into Baptist. Ajegunle Baptist Church at Agbowo in Ibadan was where I grew up to know. From there, we joined Royal Ambassadors before we moved to Oregun. 

My sister was the first to join C & S. She was the one that use to pray and fast. We didn’t know what all that was about. One day she went into a trance and we took her to Mama Agbala Daniel, along Ojo expressroad. That was the one we took her to. Later, she developed power there, so they asked her to be coming there. 

There is a woman in Cherubim & Seraphim. They call her Jokotade. That was the woman we rushed my sister to one day when she went to a trance. It is an Agba Jesu Church. I never knew I could have a church of my own. God gave me talent for singing and drumming. 

Later, my auntie became a Woli (Prophet) at Baba Adekunles Church in Shasha. She started from there. We used to go to her church. Before I came to Lagos, God has been using me. But when I came to Lagos, I now became involved fully in church work. I was working with a Sortis Construction Company in Ilupeju. I joined them from Ikoyi, Awolowo Road. We came to Ilupeju Industrial Avenue. I used to drive for them. I am very good at driving. I toured Nigeria.

One day I went out with my girlfriend and one mad man beat me around Berger roundabout. He said I should kneel down. The mad man took a clutch cable and began to beat me. Many were surprised. One woman came out of her car and came to talk to the mad man. 

It was the woman who calmed the mad man down. The mad man said I must go and do (Iribomi) deliverance and observe Gods call fully or else what is happening to him now, will happen to me too, in a worst form. That evening, I had to go for deliverance, and poured annointing oil. It was the evening of celebration with the woman we were with then. 

That was in 2008. Shortly after, God asked me to go and resign, I was arguing with God. I never planned to own a church. All I used to do was to give my Vision of what I see and deliver messages of God and leave, I was not interested in having my own church. 

But God insisted that I must have mine. After I left the church where I was , God insisted that I should not serve under anybody again, that I should start my own and be on my own. So we started the church inside my house but as we grew big, we moved to Magodo Town Hall. That is where we were for 3 years. So, we would be celebrating 5 years of my church. The ceremony we are having this week is celebrating the Ark (Apoti Eri).

I am a Prophet (Woli) not a Pastor. I am not an evangelist. I am a Prophet. And there is no request I have made that God has not answered. 

I told God that I don’t like the bad behaviour of people and God said I should go into the bush in Simawa where me and the birds can talk and relate, a place where only those who need me will come to see me in the bush where I built my church. I was the first to get to that bush. 

The first time God told me to meet him there to come and spend 7 days I was scared. But I went. For that 7 days with heavy fasting and prayers, mosquitoes didn’t bite me, ants didn’t sting me. that was how the place has become what it is today.


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