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A thrilling and exhilarating four-day celebration filled with opulent grandeur and memorable events, unveiling the road to his 50th!

 Chief Obinna Iyiegbu “Obi Cubana” was born on April 12, 1975, and he studied political science at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, graduating with a Second Class Honors, Upper Division. 

An astute businessman and socialite, he turned 49th on Friday, April 12th 2024.

The weekend of April 11–14, 2024 came to a standstill as this living legend of business and entrepreneurship, a hospitality czar, celebrated his birthday with a plethora of bespoke activities. The business tycoon had numerous events hosted by corporate organizations such as Samsung Electronics West Africa, GAC Motors, Pernod Ricard and others, an unusual celebration with pomp and pageantry. The four-day packed events featured back-to-back cocktail parties, after-parties, dinner sessions, grand ceremonies, and the complete closure of the Vaniti Club and Knowhere Restaurant, two of the best luxury dining establishments in Lagos, Nigeria's commercial capital.

Founder of Cubana Trading and Investment Limited, the owners of Odogwu Bitters, Obi Cubana, who is distinguished for his vibrant social life and ability to attract the powerful at any time, came through with an elegant display of mastery of the human emotions, attending to all his guests, friends, business partners, associates and all with the masterful fineness of a complete gentleman. Supported by his amiable wife, Ebele Iyiegbu (Lush) and his awesome children, Obi Cubana gave everyone a reason to smile while celebrating him in their unique and preferred way.


Known for his success in the hospitality industry before branching out into other profitable ventures, Obi Cubana has built a strong social capital becoming an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs who strive to achieve financial success and the reputation, status and acceptance that follows hard work and self-actualization.

Highlights of the 49th Birthday Celebration

·        Birthday Eve dinner celebration hosted by Samsung Electronics West Africa

·        Iconic celebration and gifting by GAC Motors in recognition of the partnership

·        Memorable attendance of African Giant, BurnaBoy and highlife sensation Flavor at the event hosted by Martell

·        The graceful attendance from the founder and Chairman of Air Peace Airline, Chief Allen Onyema amongst other dignitary

Celebration Highlights

Day one was Thursday, 11th April 2024. Samsung Electronics Dinner at Knowhere Restaurant and after party at Vaniti Lagos


The well-loved Nigerian entrepreneur and serial business magnate, Chief Obinna Iyiegbu, popularly known as "Obi Cubana," hosted to an extravagant event featuring excitement, glamour, and delectable food, the epitome of legendary hospitality by Samsung Electronics West Africa, the leading consumer electronics giant with a global presence.


The dinner was held at the newly opened luxury restaurant KNOWHERE on Adeola Odeku on Victoria Island, Lagos, and it was an elaborate event which culminated in the celebrant and his wife cutting a beautifully designed birthday cake. The businessman was visibly thrilled with the unique rendition of classical music that accompanied the fine dining and fine wine that was enjoyed by a select group of guests.


Top Nigerian business leaders and celebrities, industry icons, figures from the worlds of music and film, banking, real estate, oil and gas, government, hospitality, and telecommunications, among many others, turned out for the dinner event to show support and celebrate the businessman extraordinaire, Obi Cubana.


At the event, Obi Cubana stated it feels great to be celebrated by a global brand like Samsung, in recognition of the great partnership, I am delighted today that Samsung came through by hosting this unique birthday eve dinner”


He noted that his partnership with Samsung extends to ensuring that the brand is entrenched in Nigeria and in ensuring that every Nigerian mobile user, elites and everyone, embraces Samsung as the first choice in mobile experience whether for work, leisure or for business purposes.


Day two was Friday, 12th April 2024 and the birthday proper was GAC show room 6PM - 9PM And then Ledrop Dinner at Knowhere at 9pm. (After party at Vaniti Lagos.)

GAC Motors, the top car manufacturer in Nigeria, hosted the renowned businessman and chairman of the Cubana Group, Obinna Iyiegbu, and his friends to an emotional and all-inclusive birthday celebration event. It was dubbed a "Night of Icons, Obi Cubana Edition."


The party held at the GAC Motors G-Style Showroom on Plot 7, Ligali Ayorinde Street in Victoria Island had in attendance many Nigerian celebrities, industry experts, and friends of the hospitality and entertainment businessman and owners of the Cubana brand. The event was also to celebrate the ongoing partnership between Obi Cubana and GAC Motors.

Speaking on the partnership, the General Manager of GAC Motors, Jubril Arogundade said Obi Cubana has brought tremendous goodwill to the GAC Motors brand with the deployment of over 250 units of its vehicles for the Enviable Transport services in key cities in Nigeria including Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory.

Arogundade said “We are proud of our partnership with Dr. Obinna Iyiegbu and his commitment has brought us valuable progress and so on this day we have decided to celebrate this great icon and to specially recognize him for this beneficial partnership.


“Obi Cubana is among the very top Nigerians that have recognized and accepted GAC Motors brand for our quality and in his first set of purchases for our vehicles, he paid cash, one hundred per cent, and took delivery of 150 units GAC motor Gs3 and 100 units of WULING EV Vehicles, over the same period. Please let’s celebrate him”

On his part, Obi Cubana said GAC Motors has the best vehicle for Nigerian roads, describing how he started the  engagement with the company, he said, “We were looking for suitable vehicles for our logistics and transport business and so I was introduced to GAC Motors

“We decided to drive the vehicles up to a very long distance. What I found was amazing, the vehicles are resilient, rugged, and suitable for the Nigerian road. So we placed our orders and paid in full. Anywhere you see GAC Motors in Abuja, we brought it, and Enviable Transport, and one of our subsidiary partners has continued to deploy more GAC Cars as we go to other cities across Nigeria”


Speaking on the event, Chukwuemeka Ituma, Managing Director/CEO of Enviable Transport, said it was a historic moment as GAC Motors found it worthy to celebrate the birthday of a Legend in such a unique way.


He noted that Enviable Transport is committed to providing “bespoke hailing services among several other top-notch logistics offerings, with a fleet of brand new cars from GAC Motors which are well suitable for corporate trips as well as leisure rides. It comes with adequate security plus an easy booking system and fast picks up and drops off for both residents and visitors alike”.


The high point of the evening was the presentation of an ALL-new GS8 GAC Vehicle, a surprise birthday gift to the celebrant, Obi Cubana.


Arogundade noted that the car gift was GAC Motors’ way of honouring and appreciating Obi Cubana for a long-standing partnership. On his part, obi Cubana thanked the GAC Motors group for the magnanimity of gifting him with a brand new vehicle, while assuring them that all will be done to sustain the partnership.


Day three and four: Saturday, 13th April 2024, Pernod dinner at Knowhere & Sunday, 14th April 2024, MH Dinner at Knowhere.

(After party at Vaniti Lagos.)

Martell Cognac and Pernod Ricard Nigeria honoured Obi Cubana, with a stupendously thrilling birthday dinner and after-party with a display of complete grandeur and celebration. The opulent birthday celebration began with a formal dinner at the upmarket Knowhere restaurant, which was lavishly decorated to fit the upscale setting.


The festivities then moved to the Vaniti Club, both on Adeola Odeku Street Victoria Island in Lagos. There, guests were treated to a sophisticated evening of live music, delectable food, and emotional tributes in honour of the well-known businessman, whose name is synonymous with generosity and luxury.


Obi Cubana was all smiles and thankfulness during his lavish birthday celebration all night long. He was so happy and appreciative of everyone he met, including friends, colleagues from many industries, and distinguished guests. Perfectly groomed and full of smiles, he was the epitome of the hospitality for which he is known.


In an interview, Obi Cubana expressed profound gratitude for his health and life experiences, emphasizing the importance of leaving a positive legacy and positively impacting the lives of others.


He shared, "I am truly grateful for another year of life and good health. This birthday has reminded me of the importance of leaving behind a positive legacy and using every opportunity to positively impact the lives of those around me."


Obi Cubana, surrounded by family and friends, treasured every minute and understood the importance of changing someone else's life. Celebrity attendees at the star-studded event included Burna Boy, Flavour, and Patoranking, which heightened the glitz of the occasion. A gourmet feast prepared by award-winning chefs was served to the guests, who were also offered a carefully chosen assortment of exquisite wines and spirits to heighten the celebration.



The celebration of achievement and luxury brands came together at the event, which was masterfully organized by Martell Cognac and Pernod Ricard Nigeria. It highlighted Obi Cubana's noteworthy contributions as a business and cultural icon.


Obi Cubana's birthday celebration was more than just a party; it was a demonstration of his power and impact in several fields. The invitation-only event showcased the art of celebrating in elegance, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who was honored to be a part of this remarkable occasion. 


Summary of the four-day celebration

The four-day gathering not only celebrated the birthday of an extraordinary individual but to honour the legacy of a visionary entrepreneur whose impact reverberates far beyond the realms of business and commerce.



Obi Cubana stands as a shining beacon of inspiration, a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and unwavering dedication. As Chairman of the Cubana Group, his entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds, traversing diverse sectors from entertainment and hospitality to real estate, manufacturing, and beyond.


Yet, amidst his vast empire, Obi Cubana remains grounded in the belief that true success is measured not only in wealth acquired but in lives touched and communities uplifted. His commitment to talent development and job creation has breathed life into countless dreams, offering opportunities where there were once only obstacles.


All that has been acknowledged is that while the glasses were raised in celebration, it was important to toast to another year of life and prosperity and to the indomitable spirit of Obi Cubana—a philanthropist, a socialite, a titan of industry, and above all, a beacon of hope in a world hungry for inspiration as he marches to the 5th floor in 2025, a golden jubilee.


On his part, Obi Cubana hopes that this birthday will unveil the boundless potential that lies within everyone, and his journey will continue to inspire generations to come.


Celebrities, captains of industries, business leaders and society movers and shakers all turned out to celebrate an icon.   


Happy birthday, Obi Cubana! Here's to a life of passion, purpose, and limitless possibility. Cheers!


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