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Oyinkansola Ajadi Ayoola Reveals Her Success Story With Glamme Beauty Bar

This is the success story of a beautiful lady who makes other ladies beautiful, through the services she offers. She has done so well in the Beauty industry. She has made giant strides with Glamme Beauty Bar.


What exactly does she do? We got her to tell us her success story. How has it been? “Thank you for the congratulations! It has been an incredible journey filled with both challenges and successes.

Building a successful business requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. We have faced numerous obstacles along the way, but we have also experienced significant growth and achieved many milestones. It has been a rollercoaster ride, but ultimately, it has been extremely rewarding. We are grateful for the opportunities we have had and excited about the future possibilities.”


What aspects of the Beauty industry does she handle? “We handle the semi-permanent aspect of the beauty industry, which refers to procedures that provide longer-lasting results compared to traditional beauty practices but are not permanent. These treatments typically require maintenance or touch-ups over time.”


What is the difference between Oyinkan Lashes and Glamme? “Well, I’m the founder of Glamme Beauty Bar and my name is Oyinkansola Ajadi Ayoola. Although, Glamme Beauty Bar offers lash extension services, we do not refer to any of our subsidiaries or our business name as Oyinkan Lashes. Our other subsidiaries are called “Glamme Jewels” which is the arm that deals with luxury Jewellery,

“Glamme hair” where we sell luxury hairs and extensions, and our “Tools for microblading & lash” subsidiary.”

Why and how did she get into this business?

“I have always had a passion for beauty since I was a little girl. I grew up around beautiful women who constantly took their self-care seriously and that groomed my thoughts to doing things that can help women be more confident in their own skin and still look flawless.

I went into the beauty industry first in 2009. I attended House of Tara Makeup school in Lagos right after I finished from Bowen University, Iwo Osun State.”

“During my NYSC, I was working in Ogun State Advertising Agency (OGSAA) and doing makeup for people over the weekend. At the end of my service year, I realized what I was able to achieve financially and professionally with my side business at that time, which prompted me to continue.



Around 2015, we eventually opened a physical studio where people could walk in and get their makeup done. After doing makeup for 7years, I thought why can’t we evolve and do something that would make women (especially busy women) get ready for their place of work or business in less than 10 minutes and still have the radiant makeup look.

That’s when we decided to go into Semi-permanent makeup. We had to conduct a lot of research and undergo professional training on semi-permanent makeup practices in the most ethical way for our clients! And we have been actively doing that since 2018 till date.


Tell us the range of services you offer clients? We offer a wide range of services from Semi permanent makeup – microblading, Micro shading, Combo brows, Lip blush, Lash Extensions, Brow lamination and tint, Henna brows, Waxing, Body Piercing, Hair Care and luxury hair sales, Luxury jewellery, 18kt gold.




We also offer training on all our services.


Why should ladies patronise you? We expect patronage from everyone because We believe in taking a personalized approach to our clients’ needs. We listen to their preferences, assess their individual features, and work collaboratively to achieve the desired results. We aim to make each client feel comfortable and confident after their procedure. We also prioritize safety and hygiene in our work. we follow strict protocols to ensure a clean and sanitary environment, using sterile tools and high-quality products to minimize the risk of any adverse reactions or infections. We always go the extra mile to make our clients look beautiful. We expect patronage from everyone

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