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US Based Muscian, Temitope Aboyade (Tenten) Set To Celebrate At 50


Temitope Aboyade is in a happy mood right now. She lives in Maryland, in the US, where she is doing well with her music career. She will be 50 soon. And she plans to celebrate it big.

A few days ago, she spoke to CityPeople about her new life at 50, and she revealed a lot. How does she feel at 50? "I feel so blessed and great!

I thank God for my life because without him I wouldn’t have been where I am today. So, I am grateful and very happy to see this great year 50!

How does she plan to celebrate her 50th birthday? "I am celebrating it in a big way to appreciate God’s love & protection over my life and family on April 29th, 2023 in the state of Maryland USA

We got her to tell us about her music career. How did she start? "I have been singing since when I was a 7yrs old girl in my parent's church in Adekunle, Ebute Metta, Lagos. My daddy plays drums and he was also a composer then in Mount Sinai church. So I can say music is in my family. Even my grandfather too is talented with the gift of singing. I also have 3 of my uncles in the music industry doing great too. I will say singing is my talent and I have passion for it."

I have so many fans all over which I connected with when I got here they were happy to see me and started giving me party shows and also church ministrations which keeps me going in the music industry

Does she have another job she is doing, we asked her. "Yes, I am a Certified Assistant Nurse", she explains. "I am still schooling".

How has she found living in the US? She smiles. "Living in the US has been so good to me, with so many opportunities."

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