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US Based, Celebrity Woman, Deaconess Tina Ayetigbo, Reveals Her Success Story

Deaconess Tina Ayetigbo is a successful celebrity Naija lady, living in the US, but she comes home frequently. A few days back, CityPeople got her to tell us her success story.

How does she juggle her many roles, we asked her?


"I love to multi-task. Multitasking is an essential part of life. However, priorities must be set for it to be effective. One has to plan but with boundaries to reduce stress. Setting a short and long time goals is always a good idea. Though time waits for no one, but I try to handle a little at a time, using the word of God as my daily guide and eliminating any toxic or negative energy around me. Mat 6:27.


" Anxiety or worries cannot add one single hour to my life, rather it can cause undue stress which can cause health issues."


What sort of a person is Tina Ayetigbo?"Tina is an ardent lover of God. She supports wherever God’s name is being honored and worships in truth and in spirit. She is happily married to Elder Bimbola Ayetigbo from Ile Ife for over 35 years with 4 kids and two grandchildren. She is a Deaconess at TACUSA but also collaborates with other denominations for outreach or charitable programs. Tina loves music, dancing and traveling."

How is life in the US? How does she cope with the numerous challenges of living abroad?


"There are pros and cons to every country. Life in the US is not bad as long as you are willing to work hard. It does not support laziness or being too laid back. In the US, you pay for all the services available. Bills do not stop, so one cannot stop working. You find people retired and going back to work due to non-stop bills. For instance, you may have finished paying the mortgage on your home but you are still obligated to pay yearly taxes and your home can be foreclosed if you owe taxes. Vacation is once or twice a year aside from the major holidays which is usually just one day unlike Nigeria where people take off five days for Christmas or New Year celebrations.  If you fail to plan then you have to plan to fail. So you need to start planning your retirement even with a minimum wage, one needs to start investing so that when you retire you can cope on a fixed income  You need a positive mindset in order to handle the challenges in the US and be determined to be successful regardless of the situation of things. Tough times don’t last but tough people do. Persistence,  setting goals and being ready to work hard. Most importantly,  build a relationship with God so you can be directed and not dabble into things that may not work for you as there are numerous opportunities out here.

What works for Mrs. A may not work for Mrs B. I worked for a reputable Fortune 500 company for about 24 years and then got into Nursing as a second profession. Working two or more jobs is usually normal in our environment but may not work for everyone. You have to consider work-life balance, your health and other factors prior to making the decision of two jobs. And of course, you work smart and not hard. People make money through investments. That could be considered a job if you do the monitoring and investments without a third party."


Where was she born? Where did she grow up?"I was born and bred in Surulere, Lagos. I attended Army Children and Nursery school in Yaba and later attended Methodist primary school to complete my Elementary education. I went to Our Lady of Apostles afterward and then Federal Government College in Odogbolu for my A levels. From Federal Government College,I went to Olabisi Onabanjo University for my 4 year BA program. I did my NYSC in Katsina state under Governor Lawrence Onoja prior to joining my husband in the United States to start a new phase of my life.

It was fun growing up in Nigeria. Things were quite different from what it is now. We used to go around day or night not been of kidnapping or scared of socializing. There was no tension on people’s faces nor violence in any area. It’s a different world right now. Nowhere is safe anymore, poverty level is alarming. People are frustrated. Youths are out of college with no jobs."


She is a very stylish woman. How did she develop her fashion style? "My fashion style must have been inherited from my mum who loves to dress up even when she had no formal outings. She would have her makeup, manicure and pedicure done just to look good for my Dad who was quite good-looking and attracted many ladies.I believe majority of ladies want to keep up with the fashion trends and fortunately social media has played a great role in where fashion is heading in the future."

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