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Popular Actress, Peju Johnson Talks About Her New Movie, Pelumi Jonathan

Let's talk about your new movie. How is it doing in the market?

Oh, Pelumi Jonathan is doing really great. Like extremely great.

I wasn’t expecting it to turn this way because people really love it.

We had almost 300k views in 4 days on YouTube, trending at number 4, and many positive and emotional comments, and reviews.

Tell us about the making of the movie...

The making was really stressful and draining, it’s a really long story, but all the same, the making was successful

Why did you give it to Libra?

Lol, initially it was supposed to be sold to a marketer, but unfortunately, it was rejected, the marketer doesn’t like it; according to him... I thought probably because I am an upcoming and my face isn’t out there that much or maybe the movie isn’t good enough for him.

It was rejected by two marketers though..

Then, my manager told me to let’s sell it to a YouTube channel instead, we had options, the first YouTube channel rejected it (not mentioning their name lol) & the second option (Libra) took it

When they rejected it. I was so depressed and heartbroken. I felt like I couldn’t do anything right like I failed my fans & lovers out there waiting for PJ; you understand that feeling? Lol

I was just going to put the movie out there bcos I already thought it was trash since it was rejected by good 3 people. In fact, I was sad to the extent that I lost interest in the movie & I forgot about it. When my manager saw all that, he started handling the whole thing himself, in fact, he contact Libra himself and made the contract with them...

So I wasn’t really expecting people to love the movie or never even thought it could be trending on YouTube. But here it is. I’m extremely happy seeing all those

How many movies have you produced?

I have 2 productions so far; & we working on the 3rd one already.

I only released one, we are releasing REPLICA soon too

Is it true another one is coming soon?

Yes, REPLICA # the movie produced by me

It’s coming sooner...People are really going to love this one because I really put all my strength into that so it wouldn’t be rejected by anyone again lol

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