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Sujimoto has once again scattered the rules of luxury real estate by adopting the king of lobal home automation  Crestron in its new project  The LucreziaBySujimoto. Known for disrupting and pioneering innovative ideas, the blitzkrieg Entrepreneur and Group Managing Director of Sujimoto – Sijibomi Ogundele is taking customer satisfaction to a new level. After reviewing Luxury real estate companies from Bourdillon to Eko Atlantic, Sujimoto emerged as the most audacious organization, breaking boundaries of expectations in the real estate industry with innovative concepts that shatter every rule and boundary in the luxury real estate industry. No other real estate company comes close.

When we conceived the idea of the LucreziaBySujimoto, one thing was certain, we wanted to build something that has never been done before in Africa! We went beyond and above to research what it takes to create the best automation system and bring comfort to our clients. We looked at some of the top automation companies in the world, such as Google Nest, Amazon Alexia, Apple HomeKit, Savant amongst others, and we finally chose Crestron – the Rolls Royce of Global Home Automation.

The LuceziaBySujimoto, is not your regular tower; it is customized to reflect the personal taste and lifestyle of the Lucrezia de Medici, the 16th-century sophisticated royalty who embodied an exclusive and glamorous lifestyle. In designing this project, customer satisfaction and value creation was the premium focus of our architects and designers; and as part of our grand ambition to make this experience more bespoke, we have decided to throw the masters of automation - Crestron Home Automation into the mix; to help our clients enjoy the sophisticated realization of their most refined expectations and pamper their luxurious cravings. From Cairo to California, Dubai to Dublin, or even in Dutse or Dugbe, our intention is simple; the idea is to put the power to control your home into your hands, wherever you might find yourself in the world.

Speaking on the importance of Home Automation, the GMD of Sujimoto Group, Mr. Sijibomi Ogundele puts it succinctly when he said; “In 21st-century building construction, there is no true luxury without Home Automation”.  

Crestron Home Automation is famously used in super multi-million dollar homes and premium luxury hospitality businesses in Knights bridge London, Manhattan New York, and Downtown Dubai and for the first time in Africa, a commercial-residential building is adopting Crestron Home Automation  giving the LucreziaBySujimoto the god-like status in luxury real estate in Africa. 

Crestron Home Automation, is known as the pioneer of smart home technology and the leading powerhouse of home automation. Many will agree that Crestron is the gold standard of the industry and offers the most in terms of integration, customization and luxury features. From light, curtains, sound, TV, weather, ambiance and mood, Crestron puts the power to control everything in the home with ease on one intelligent platform. Unlike other automation brands, we chose Crestron Home Automation System because it places priority on our client’s wellness and security.

Imagine getting constant updates on the status of your gates and door locks and monitoring your expensive cars in the garage and other parts of your home? This one no be juju o! Crestron continuous feedback system on your mobile device confirms the status of door locks and alarms, the exact status of gates and garages, and provides real-time views of cameras. Nothing beats the peace of mind that Crestron and the Lucrezia apartment brings to customer satisfaction.


Currently, at the finishing stages, the Lucrezia, a product of delicate engineering, masterfully designed with premium and unrivalled amenities, is a building of so many FIRSTS in Africa! The first building in Nigeria with a Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) facade, home to Africa’s 1st interactive lobby, the first Virtual Golf Bar with over 2500 courses; the first building with an International SPA for the residents; first building with Zaha Hadid sanitary wares and Kohler Kitchen, the first building with an IMAX cinema for an immersive experience; first building with Electric Car Charging Stations and now the first building with a Crestron Automation where you can easily command, monitor and adjust your lights, shades, thermostats, door locks, entertainment and even your pool and spa from just one app.

It is no doubt that when the Lucrezia is completed by the end of this year, it will become an architectural museum not only for aspiring developers and architects but also for all lovers of diligence, integrity and excellence, which are the core pillars upon which Sujimoto as an organization is built upon. 


To own one of the last slices of this masterpiece, Call Dammy on  08098521646  or Tomiwa on 08091243555 today.

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