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CityPeople Celebrates Beautiful UK Based Actor/Producer, Chiella SCO

Chiella SCO is a beautiful movie star in the UK. She is an actor /producer /scriptwriter and supervisor.  Chiella SCO is a UK-based Nollywood actor/producer.

"I have featured in some movies like In case of Incasity, This is not about you, Apostle Do Good, Seeking Refuge, The Warrior, Christmas In London, Christmas with the King, Delia, London Hustler and recently stared in Shot in the Dark, Mended, Oversea Husband and a Cry for Help."

"I have also featured in some and have worked on some Nigeria-based movies, like: It happened to me, Mended, The Passion and Temptations of Queen Cleopatra."

Chiella is also a scriptwriter having written: It Happened to me, Why, A Cry for Help, Not my Choice, and Master Planner.

 I have also worked on other projects as co-producer, production coordinator and script supervisor.

I am also one of the partners of is also Nolly JOOS Studios, a new youtube platform that showcases top-notch juicy movies and drama series. I am also a college tutor in the BSE industry in the UK. "

Any challenges? "There is no industry without challenges and Nollywood UK is no exception. I think our major challenge is distribution, funding and getting a license to shoot. Most times auditions are not called so it's a matter of knowing someone or someone who knows someone who knows someone. What I have done is to assess where the niche is and fill in the gap and that requires going all the way yourself.

 I am currently working on 2 projects and I can't wait for the end product. I love writing and acting, especially when you see the words come alive and people relate and learn from it, that just does it for me."

How about his background?

"I am number 3 of 7, the first daughter, Ada of the family. I grew up in Lagos, I can speak Yoruba and Igbo. I am from Imo State, in the eastern part of Nigeria.

"I was born and bred in Lagos. I attended New Era Girls Secondary School and did my uni in the UK university of Kent. I studied Business Administration.

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