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It is no longer news that A.C.G. (Obong) Okon Dan Umoh (rtd) passed on to greater Glory last month at the age of 87.

As you read this, activities marking his rite of passage have begun, with the Lagos Farewell Service, which took place on Saturday 13th November 2021. The Christian Wake will hold on Friday 19th Nov. 2021 in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom and Funeral Service will hold the next day, Saturday, 20th November 2021.

This noble patriarch is survived by his wife (Mrs. Hannah Okon D. Umoh, children and family. And the Chief Mourner is Mrs. Iniobong Obinna-Onunkwo (nee Okon Umoh).

For many people who don't know much about this distinguished Nigerian, let's tell you a bit about this elder stateman, late Mr. Okon Dan Umoh who had a meritorious service with the Nigerian Customs Service. He was born on August 24, 1934, at Ikot Mbon Ikono, Uyo Local Government Area, Akwa-Ibom State (formerly of South Eastern State over 3 decades ago) into the royal family of late Pastor Dan Umoumoh Ekown. He is a descent of a long line of royal blood called the Umoumoh Ekown family of Ikot.

Mbon Ikono. His late father was known as Late Pastor Dan Umoumoh Ekown of Udo-Ntung Ide-Oyoro InyangAkpan Utono of Ikot Mbon Ikono Clan. His mother was late Madam Mkpoata Dan Umoumoh (nee Madam Nkoyo Udokang) of Nto Umoh family in Ikot Udo Usung, Ukpom Abak in Akwa-Ibom State.



According to the norms and traditional culture of his royal family clan, while he was alive; he has crowned the leader of the royal family as “OBONG”. His educational background and empathic personality enabled him to play significant roles in the growth and rural development of his community. Regardless of his desirous attitude of residing in the city, he ensured he provided the basic infrastructural needs for his people. Houses, Electricity, Education and Employment. He was reputable for his constant support and fostered care in his clan.  More of Okon Dan Umoh’s early years and rich family history are archived in Ikot Mbon Ikonoesid Uyo, Uyo Local Government Area, Akwa-Ibom State.


primary education

Late Mr. Okon Dan Umoh was born on August 24, 1934, at Ikot Mbon Ikono, Uyo Local Government Area, Akwa-Ibom State (formerly of South Eastern states over 3 decades ago).

As the second child and son in his family who was fondly called by his father as Ewup-Ewup Eyin” meaning an unassuming child. He was an intelligent child, quick to adapt and understand certain concepts around his environment. He had a remarkable memory that he could memorize people’s phone numbers in a flash and provide a vivid account of past antecedents. All these showed in his academic trajectory as he was laser-focused on his pursuits for good education and enlightenment.

He was very studious and hardworking. It is this reason he was often tagged by his peers as “O.D. the bookworm”. He was reputable for his firm beliefs on good character, discipline and fairness. One of his popular quotes was “It’s either you’re very good or you’re very bad. Okon Dan received his early education at Ubium N.A School from 1945 - 1952 in N sit-ubium, Akwa- Ibom State where he finished his standard six (6) education and Holy Family College, Abak, Akwa- Ibom.



Holy Family College, Abak was one of the prestigious schools in the early fifties. It was here, Okon Dan Umoh had his secondary education from 1953 -1958 where he excelled and earned his Cambridge certification.   He furthered on and had his Advanced G.C.E through the Rapid Result College; an institution established in 1928 to train students and enable them to achieve professional success. During these periods, he .was involved in other humanitarian activities and was often involved in his own community service and sportsmanship.



Okon Dan Umoh was a driven and focused education enthusiast. The Nigerian Civil War had affected a lot of lives but his urge to pursue his educational career was undeterred, The rapid result of college had made a good impact in providing a platform for his next academic flight between 1964 -1974. Within these years of academic pursuit, he was admitted into Yaba College of Technology for certification in admin and also graduated with a B.AAdmin from the University of Lagos. His academic excellence scored him a sponsored opportunity to Austria where he earned an advanced certification in customs admin & tariff.


career attainment & training

 On completion of his secondary education, Okon Dan left his hometown with nothing and headed for greener opportunities. His first employment was with customs. Thus commenced his career in the Nigerian Customs Service. Below is a detailed account of his career pursuits from 1960 - 1995.

1960-1966: He worked in the customs house, Warri, 1967-1968:Worked in the customs house, Burutu, 1968-1971: Worked in Excise Nnewi Building. He attended several advance courses on Office Supervision and Management in Yaba College of Technology., 1971-1973: Served in the Chairman’s office, 1973- 1974: During this service period, Worked in the customs house, Lagos and attended a  course on Advanced Customs Administration / Tariff in Austia, 1974-1975: He worked in the customs House, Apapa, 1975-1978: Worked in the Inspectorate Department after attending a course in Inspection/Investigation in London, 1978-1979: Worked in Custom House (TCIP), 1979-1980: Worked in Task Force on Jellies, JAN-DEC 1980: Worked in Tin Can Island Port, 1981-1982: Worked at Customs House, Apapa where he attended an X -squad course in Lagos, JAN-OCT1983: Directors Task Force, 1983-1986: Worked at Onne Port, 1986-1987: He was promoted to Commandant in Customs Training College, Lagos with his training in Instructional Techniques at Brusells, 1987-1989: He was Comptroller, TSD, 1989-1991: Promoted to CAC Murta1a Muhammed Cargo

1991-1993: He was made a Zona1-Coordinator, SEP-APRIL 1993: He was promoted as Zonal Coordinator, Ibadan, 1993-1994: He was promoted to the rank of Assistant Comptroller-General (ERRP) at Abuja, 1995:

He retired as Assistant Comptroller of Customs.



Okon Dan Umoh was a humble man supportive of his community, a loyalist, and a devout cross-bearer. His strong beliefs of Christian faith were hinged on service, equality and advocacy. He lived an exemplary glorious life. He played active roles in the activities of the Grail message. He proffered support in the most effective way to all religious activities. He lived a peaceful and straightforward life fuelled by a positive mindset in dealing with challenges.

He treated everyone equally with respect and humility and strongly believed all humans had a definite purpose in life. He often shared quotes like “Life is like a nanque aole prepare a b the Almighty, where there IS the free will to pick your meal courses and be content without being envious of your fellow brethren”


marital life

Late A.C.G. (Obong) Okon Dan Umoh was married to Deaconess/ Elder Mrs. Hannah Okon Dan Umoh of Nung Ukana, Ibesikpo, Akwa- Ibom State. They have been married for fifty years (50) building their civil careers. His marriage was blessed with a daughter and three sons. He had grandchildren and was responsible for training other family youths that saw him as a father figure and mentor.



General’ or ‘Action Man’ as fondly called by his neighbours and peers was a philanthropist. He was an advocate for equal gender rights for education and ethnicity. He was culturally unbiased and strongly believed that both human genders (male and female) who were passionate about service excellence, had the equal opportunity to exude their potentials and excel beyond their pre-existing environment.

It is the reason he offered employment opportunities through customs to several youths from and outside his village, supported the education of many children, accommodated a large family for years in Lagos and expended most of his free periods to charitable courses. He was usually chatty with his grandchildren about his early years and work-life.

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