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All kinds of  of boutonnieres adds panache to men appearance but flower stands out because it's a symbol of fragile life, of beauty and peace in nature.

Most men believed  weddings are the only event one can  wear a flower on his lapel  or chest,  Even at  a wedding they just believe only the groom should put it on his lapel or chest, I can relate to this because I have been asked  often times "why do I put on flower on my chest, am I the groom"??? The irony of this is that the only rule to wearing a boutonniere(flower) is that you do not need a special occasion to wear one.  All a man needs is the confidence to swim against the current, to be the only man in the room who is sporting a flower on his left breast.  However a man should not wear a boutonniere when he does not want to stand out from the crowd or when he is being judged.  Even though  it's not too cool to put on  flower to an interview or funeral, because drawing attention in such an event is not necessary but ofcourse putting on any other kind of boutonniere might be cool.

4 reasons you should put on a boutonnieres especially flower

¶ It’s a great conversation starter.
¶ It will usually spot  you out among the crowd.
¶ It shows you pay attention to detail.
¶ It add panache to men's appearance.

 Adeleye Ifeoluwa
Kiisha.... never fades!

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