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MAKE UP: WHY LESS IS MORE By Greatmore Chatya

Makeup can be a beautiful thing! It can highlight your best features and disguise the ones you’re less impressed with. But like most things, it should be used strategically and sparingly. Indeed that when it comes to makeup, less is more. And here’s why.

If you take care of your skin, eat a healthy diet and drink your fair share of water, chances are your skin is flawless. So why cover it up? Let the world know that you’re a fabulous and natural beauty.

Layering on lots of primer, foundation, concealer and setting spray can lead to clogged pores. Our skin is alive and needs to breathe, plus clogged pores mean breakouts. Not to mention, you might be leaving behind residue—even after you wash your face.

Am not sure about you, but the last time I bought a foundation, it set me back $20 that’s about someone’s food cash for a week back home, and even here.

Then you add in the concealer, highlighter, shadows, bronzers, liners, primers—the list goes on and so does the length of the receipt. Then we hurry home to test out all of our new products, spend hours of precious time in the bathroom, morning after morning, only to appear a made-up version of ourselves. Not to mention the mountains of waste from products that we had to have, and simply never ended up using. Should I say let’s “STOP” the madness!

I remember from the time I was little, I have always loved the idea of makeup and the notion that your face is a canvas and beauty products are your art tools.

Although I love the concept of makeup, I have never actually been too fond of buying it. Am this person that never goes into a makeup shop to buy makeup for myself funny enough to be honest, unless a friend pushes me in to it or if I have a necessarily need to. Most of my friends can testify to that about me. I just find it ridiculous having to buy a lipstick that I will loose tomorrow because my friend took it from me or I forgot it in the ladies bathroom somewhere at function or club.

I remember the last time I got myself make up it was with a friend in Ikeja at some makeup expo sometime last year. My friend she literally swiped 50k from her on debt card on my behalf. Since I had refused to buy the makeup. Of course I had to give it back to her at some point, But guys to be honest I found it time wasting, energy and money. Believe me I can spend money on good skin care products “yes” I have no problem with that.

I just think we should focus on cultivating good skin and you will have less to hide with makeup. It’s not that I don’t wear make up at all, but I do occasionally when it’s necessary. And one other thing I don’t wear foundation or concealer on my face I just go straight to powder. And when I get back from wherever I had gone to I always remove it before I sleep and clean my face.

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to contour and conceal, we end up caking on our very expensive foundations and powders, only to add lines and years to our faces. Wearing foundation that doesn’t match your skin, choosing a lip colour much darker than your own, misplaced eyeliner and blush can all add years to your face. So why not just amplify what’s already there with smart and solid skincare, and a few carefully selected make-p products that highlight your features, not take away from them.

-By Great More Chatya

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