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London Celebrity Woman, ADERONKE BENSON & Her Style

Her real name is Aderonke Benson but everyone calls her Ronke Bensonele. It is her husband's nickname. This pretty and stylish woman lives in London with her family. 

She is a Liaising Neighbourhood Resident Officer for Nottinghill Genesis Housing Association (UK). She is from Odogbolu town in Ijebu. She is also the Asoju-Iyalode, Egbe Tobalese Obinrin Akile Ijebu in the UK. 

What informs what she wears to parties, City People Online asked her recently. 

“I love to wear any beautiful attire that suits myself. But I don’t believe in wearing clothes that are too revealing”. Does she come for Ojude Oba every year? “Yes. I come to Ojude Oba yearly. I usually don’t miss it. I am even coming this August with lots of my members”. 

She is happily married to a successful London Big Boy, Babatunde Benson who has been nicknamed Bensonele by his friends. Her age grade group has 18 members in the UK and almost 40 members in Nigeria and about 10 in the US at the moment.

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