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Iyalaje FOLASADE OMOTOSO & Hubby Celebrate Miracle Baby

These are happy times for Canada based couple Folasade Omotoso and her hubby Austeen Omotoso. They both live in Milton, Ontario, Canada.
The big news is that the lady whose friends call Iyalaje  Omotoso and her hubby recently had a miracle baby.
It is indeed a big miracle because hubby is 59 and wife is 46. Both of them have been in one happy mood. The baby dedication took place in Berlin, Germany a few days back. The baby has been named Princess Rachel Adediwura  Ore Ofe Omotoso.
Let's tell you more about Iyalaje Omotoso. This beautiful woman is a registered nurse. She also has a beauty brand known as Arike Beauty products.
Her products are customised in her name like Arike Lashes, Arike Nails and Arike Hair. Her Beauty store stocks amazing quality beauty products.
She has outlets in Lagos, Canada and Ekiti. It is a subsidiary of Iyalaje Omotoso  General Ventures.
She sells shoes and laces fabrics online. She has a charity organisation with the website www.isaacadegokememorialsickkidsfoundation.com.
It is a non-profit charitable organisation that aspires to create and nurture opportunities for sick kids, poor widows and poor single parents. She has more than 20 kids now on her sponsorship list.
She usually asks her friends to take one of the kids up for sponsorship. She has employed a lot of workers to cater for the kids. She also has a dating site www.elitelovers.org.No wonder she's called an Iyalaje.
She deserves the appellation

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