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What AIG Tunji Alapini & Wife, IBIPO Have In Common!

Many people know AIG Tunji Alapini. He is a retired Police AIG. His pencil-slim figure stands him out any day, anytime. He is ruggedly handsome. His ebony complexion glows. He is married to a lovely woman who is quiet and easy going. 

She is not as outgoing as her husband.  We can tell you a lot more about her. We can also reveal to you that both have very many things in common.  They are tall. They are slim.  She is Chief (Mrs.) Ibipo Alapini. She is also quiet and simple like her husband. She is reserved too. Just like AIG Tunji Alapini, she is fashionable, and stylish in her dressing. 

She is an accomplished celebrity woman who is a retired Permanent Secretary.  Both are retirees, with the husband having retired from the Nigerian Police Force and the wife from the public service. They are both traditional Chiefs. They are the Fiwajoye & Yeye Fiwajoye of Iloko-Jesa. Stay tuned for more… 

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