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Style With Iyalaje Omotoso of Ontario, Canada

Everyone calls her Iyalaje Omotoso in Milton,Ontario,Canada.That is the name of her business.

She is a successful business woman who plays big there.Mrs Abigael Omotoso is the CEO of Iyalaje Omotoso General Ventures.

What informed what she wears to parties, CityPeople Online asked her

The presentation has become quite important in today’s time. How you dress and present yourself largely makes or breaks your image. So like all other women I am too concerned about what to wear and what is in the trend. But when it comes to trend then I am not a blind follower of a trend. I choose clothes in which I am comfortable in. This is my fashion mantra. Trust me; I have never let down myself on any occasion because to me comfort is the key. If I am able to carry myself well then there is nothing more I need. I cannot walk in stilettos if I am not comfortable in doing that. Doing such things is totally not fashion.

I am more of a traditional lover, Iro and Buba with aso oke head tie really suit me well and l love them, l prefer them than anything else. Skirt and blouse goes with aso oke head tie also on very rare occasions. I also love Soft material exotic long evening dresses especially Senegalese dress that can accommodate head tie will be preferred, l  hardly go to party without Aso oke as my head tie and when it comes to casual wears a simple Tee with a pair of denim teamed with comfortable shoes is what I mostly wear. 

Graphic tees have a special place in my wardrobe. When it comes to denim, I am not much of a denim lover, if l must wear it, it has to be caprice or short. I like to go simple there as well.  Then there is always space for some beautiful and light accessories to make the entire look sassy. I love unique accessories and simple ones I avoid doing anything in excess. When it comes to shoes, l love Italian shoes and bags, l love heels, I feel more comfy in heels, like my husband will say "heels makes your steps more sexy". 
I'm not a fan of designers handbags, l seldom carry them  I keep my budgets low. 
Hope am able to answer your questions.

She is Stylish too and very fashionable as her photos below show...

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