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How You Can Make Millions From Blogging - Popular Blogger. Olori Supergal

Tosin Ajibade, who is popularly known as Olori Super Gal, is one of the top bloggers in Nigeria. She is also the organiser of the New Media Conference that is held annually in Nigeria. She is also a Digital Content Strategist and a writer. She is well known for her lifestyle and entertainment website.
Olori Super Gal.com in Nigerian as well as South African editions. She became a publicist in 2009 and has created a blog in 2010 and she is on top of her game in the entertainment industry.
The pretty, chocolate godless is also one of the Awardees at City People’s 22nd Award for Excellence. Despite the fact that she is a blogger, she is sociable and very humble.
A few days back, she spoke with City People’s Society Reporter, TOYIN OGUNDIYA, on what Young Nigerians should know about blogging. Below are excerpts.

What do you think youths should know about blogging?
One of the things that they need to know is that there is no fast money in it. So many people think opening a blog today means, you are going to start making money that same day.
What does blogging entail? Many Nigerian Youths don’t really know what blogging entails…
Basically, what it entails is that you need to be dedicated, you need to be consistent because opening a website to run a blog is not as easy as what people think. Usually, bloggers are regarded as being jobless people. Many people think bloggers don’t have something tangible to do, but the truth is that blogging takes a lot of time, research, content building to give the website substance that will attract traffic. You should also make sure that you are marketing your website. The most important thing people should know is that, when you start blogging, you don’t make money immediately, you need to put in a lot of investment. You need to make your blog popular or well known before you start getting patrons who want to advertise their goods and services on your platform.

Bloggers go through severe criticism from people, how do you deal with it?
Well, what I do basically is to ignore, you can’t respond to everybody.
That’s how I see it. So many people are ignorant about it, they don’t want to accept the fact that not everybody is a Gossip Blogger. People tend to say oh! You are a gossip blogger and my response to them is that, No, we don’t do gossip. You know where you go to when you want to gossip, but when you come to our platform you won’t see gossip.
Well, you say blogging has paid your bills and still paying your bills, Yes, it still pays the bills, but we are innovating at the same time we are evolving. If you like, at the space before, it was all about blogging/blogger, but now people are focusing on social media. So, if you have a website or a blog and you are not really strong on social media, you need to start building your audience on social media because most people will love to read your stories on your Instagram, twitter or facebook page rather than clicking on your website, but having the website is like a backup to what you do.
And now, with the age of video, we have YouTube, twitch, IGTV, twitter that are also accepting videos and linked in. Videos are the way forward right, if you are creating content, you need to start creating content in video format, which is what we already do, but it is more visible now.
Are you saying blogging is very challenging?
Yes, it is. There is no job that is not challenging. Mostly, I sleep for 6hrs out of 24hrs, the rest of the time, I am either online or I am attending a meeting. And also, we have our low season, and our high season, so understanding the nature of the job matters a lot.
You need to be creative when it comes to the low season and see how you can get something tangible from it. For instance, you can run giveaways, promos, price slash.
How long have you been blogging?
I have been blogging since 2010, and I have been on social media since 2008.
How have you been able to maintain your relevance since 2010?
It’s the grace of God because God’s factor is obviously there and also hard work because you have to work to make sure that you don’t beg. Some people might not acknowledge your hard work, but your motivation has to come from within, you get down and frustrated mostly, but you have to keep moving.
There are times that I am tempted to go back to the 9am – a 5am job that I was doing before I decided to go into full-time blogging, but I didn’t. Although, blogging is very challenging, really, you do not know who is watching. Just keep doing what you know how to do, “Learn Un-learn, Re-learn” and also make sure you are better at what you do.
Judging from the fact that your job is time-consuming, how do you recreate, relax?
I rest, I make out time for myself although when I started, I didn’t have time for any other thing that my job.
You want to be popular at all cost….
No, I didn’t see being popular as the most important, I just wanted to do my job and fame came in-between and I had to adjust myself to it, I was never prepared for the exposure, I was never prepared for anything that it is right now. So, back to your question on how I rest, I go to the Cinemas, I hang out with friends in the evening when I am less busy.
Most people believe bloggers are only concerned about there jobs that their social life is very boring, what is your take on that?
It depends on the individual, some people are introvert, while some are extrovert. As for me, I attend social events to which I am invited to and I spend time more with my family. I just try my best anywhere I go to.
Are you engaged or married?
No, I am not. I am single.
Most people assume that bloggers or celebrities are unable to keep a relationship for a long time because at the nature of their jobs.
Do you also support that assumption?
Like I said earlier, I create time for my family, so if I have a serious relationship, I will create time for it.
What are the things you look out for in a man?
I really do not know, but as long as we are good for each other, it’s fine by me. For me, Communication is key.
Can you leave your job if your husband asks you to?
He needs to understand me and what I do. Second, I have people running it perfectly when I am not available.

I will definitely create time for my man when you sincerely love something you will create time for it, so if I have a man right now, I will create time for him.

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