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How Ronke Adebowale Runs House Of MO Outfits In Lagos

Let's give it to Ronke Adebowale. She is doing a good job at House Of MO, a wave-making fashion house in Lagos. She is a successful Fashion and beauty entrepreneur who has turned her passion into big business.
: She is one of the enterprising young ladies in the fashion and Beauty industry. She is brilliant. She is focused and has a tenacity of purpose that has helped her excel.

She is the CEO of 2 vibrant companies. She is the CEO of House of MO Outfits and the CEO of Allaboutscent Perfumery.

MO is coined from her name Motomori.

Despite her success story Aderonke has remained humble. She is from Ogere Remo in Ogun state. She lives in Lagos with her parents. She is single and runs a growing business called Ronnie Signature.
She deals with ladies wears. What's the story of House of MO Outfits Citypeople Online Fashion Column asked her.

The name Mo was coined from my native name Motomori which is a rare Yoruba name meaning "I yet behold a child" I love the uniqueness of the name and wanted to build a brand that is unique and speaks attraction, classy,  trendy and beauty so I choose the name.

“I got into fashion business exactly four years March 2019. I had always wanted to go into fashion business so when I left the classroom wall as a teacher I wanted to build up my dream, do something different. I discovered many people especially the white collar job staffs wanted lovely wears but due to the time frame of their work they couldn't have time to purchase their favourite so I opted into going into online fashion brand which was formerly called Mo signature until we registered the business and changed it officially to House of Mo outfits
So presently we have our Facebook pages customers and aspiring customers could visit to see our various classy wears
Mo signature/ House of Mo displays our wears
Allaboutscents page on Facebook displays what our perfumery brand is about.

House of MO is an emerging and fast-growing online fashion outfit that provides the best of clothing brands for her clients worldwide. In House of MO’s fashion world, trendiness, uniqueness, quality, style and affordability are our watchword coupled with our effective and prompt delivery system within and outside Nigeria. House of MO’s ranges includes but not limited to corporate, traditional and special events (asebi) wears.

House of MO stands for a great fashion shopping experience.

AllAboutScents Perfumery, a subsidiary of House of MO deals with high-quality brands of undiluted perfume oil that gives the best of heavenly scents. Wearing our perfume makes our clients stand out every time and everywhere. AllAboutScents perfume oil is very unique yet quite affordable. We help in announcing your presence!

Her success has inspired other young ladies. She produces lovely wears that makes her outfits to sit well on you. Her clients stand out classy.
Her dresses make ladies step out like Royalty. She studied at UNILAG."A t House of MO Outfits we speak Quality at affordable prices."

She sells classy designer perfume oil at an affordable cost. She stocks perfume with heavenly scents.

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