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ADUNNI's Fashion & Beauty Spice

Welcome to Adunni's fashion beauty spice. Lets start with defining what Fashion is.Fashion to me is whatever you are comfortable in and whatever gives you the drive from within.Most people think fashion is probably wearing outfits that are in vogue or shoes that are in vogue etc. No that's not fashion to me.You have to know what suits your body structure,You have to know what brings out your own kind of beauty.

So today is going to be about the eyes of a woman.The eyes is what everyone sees first when u look at someone. Beautiful eyes is so enchanting. In Adunni's world the eyes of a lady comes first.

I as a person am a lover of beautiful and colourful contact lenses which gives the eye a very attractive look. You don't have to wear heavy make up or wear very long eyelashes when your wearing your contact lenses. Not every lady likes it thou but it's something that wont pass in Adunni's world of fashion.

The eyes most especially is the beauty of the whole body.A lady can enhance the beauty of her eyes by taking proper care of the eyeballs which means at least once or twice in a week use your eyes drops to keep the eyeball moist.

Now let's go into how you can beautify your eyes. One, your eyebrow has to be perfect which I think most ladies know.

Secondly,you have to choose any eyeshadow you think suits your skin colour. For me I love dark colour eye shadows cos it gives a smoky and sexy effect dat I love.

Thirdly,you can either decide to use a more more eye lashes which also helps to enhance the beauty of the eye.

Fourth comes the eye liner. I love to line my eyes all round with black eye liner which gives the eyes a smaller and sexy look.fifth,comes ur contact lenses which I Adunni can not do without honestly. It just gives you that ENCHANTING LOOK.

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