Friday, 15 March 2019


Once you meet Yewande Garuba for the first time, you will immediately know she loves good & luxurious hair. We can tell you that for free. That is what she does for a living. “I deal in hair. I sell hair and we make wigs too. Right now, there is so much demand for hair & wigs. We sell out all the time. What I then do is to dress to fit the different hair or wigs I have on”. What determines what she wears to parties? “It depends on the occasion. It depends on the event. It also depends on Aso Ebi”. What determines her look? “My mood. I always want to look good all the time so that I can attract customers to see my hair. So my fashion & beauty are interwoven.

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  1. Waooooooo,this is interesting... I love it... Thank you!!!!God bless you!!!! Long live City People!!! Long live Mr Seye Kehinde .


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