Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Yemisi Komolafes Fashion Style Revealed

Yemisi Komolafe is a celebrity woman who is based in Ilesha. She is pretty. She is tall and she is elegant. Her mind-blowing figure makes her outfits to sit well on her.

What defines her Style  Citypeople asked her." I love to dress well.l love to be loud. I love to stand out of the pack. I love to be different from others. I don't really crave for what is in vogue or what others want. I  define my own style. l always go for what looks good on me. I design my outfits myself. What looks good on someone might not look good on necessarily look good on me.

How about her Make-up?'l go for the best.l don't compromise.l order for the best products that will blend with my colour and skin type. I don't use harsh cream on my skin.I go for moisturizers and I exfoliate once a month.

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