Tuesday, 5 March 2019


She is a celebrity fashion designer who is currently making waves in Lagos. Bunmi Badejo Ayuba is the CEO of Tailormade Fashion. If you see at parties, you can’t afford to ignore her. She has this sense of presence that makes you admire her outfits. 

He designs are such that you will have to take a second look at her. She has a unique and uncommon taste in fashion that will make you look at her again, again and yet again. Her geles are loud and uniquely created. It usually comes with a big bow-tie. 

She loves to play with fluorescent colours and unusual lace fabrics that make bold statements. She plays with Ankara also. And she wears all the designs well. She has a full figure to carry these designs and her light skin throws them out. She also loves heavy make-up. And she loves very bright colours. She has been at it for years and so she has perfected what works for her.

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