Saturday, 2 March 2019


Omowunmi Ariyike loves Kaftans & Boubous a lot. No wonder she has a rich collection of Kaftans & Boubous.

She also wears Iro & Buba. What informs her Fashion & Style? How did her style evolve? And how come shes always on point, fashion-wise? She told City People.

“Clothes are blessings from Allah, she explains. “With them, we cover what needs to be covered… Imagine life without clothes... Islam does not reject people wearing beautiful clothes. What inspires me? Many things.

I take stock of my inspiration and what inspires me. And I find ways to incorporate it with my look. My family and upbringing matter most to me. I borrow some elements from them. My goal isn’t totally to assume their style, but to borrow a bit, especially aspects that make them unique. I love kaftans because they sit well on me.

There is what we call inner beauty, but now, people follow fashion blindly. I am a Muslim. And a proper muslim does not follow fashion blindly, rather wear decent clothes….clean clothes that protect your identity. And an identity for a Muslim is extremely important”.

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