Monday, 11 March 2019


Nikki Odu-Khiran is a top Naija designer who lives in Abuja, the seat of power. Before relocating to Abuja, she had been living in Lagos, operating from highbrow Ikoyi. But the good thing is that her high standards have not dropped. She does the best kaftans in town. No wonder a lot of celebrity women travel to Abuja to pick up kaftans from her. Won’t you pick up your own? According to her, Nikki Khiran couture is for real fashion curves, real women,…..This collection is Real fashion, for Real women, with real curves. We black women are curvaceous and this collection embraces our curves, whether you\'re a size 10 or a size 20, there’s something for everyone. The NK woman IS A GLOBAL traveller, exotic, free spirited, sexy in a ladylike way, individualistic and confident, she can dress down or dress up her pieces, as the mood dictates , this collection shows the beauty and diversity in every size and highlights a woman\'s best assets.  NIKKI KHIRAN COUTURE  WELCOMES. Real f

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