Friday, 15 March 2019


There is a  beautiful celebrity lady in Ibadan right now, who is currently one of the best dressed ladies in that bubbly city. She is Mrs. Funmi Ogunnaike Akintibu, an ebony complexion beauty who whenever she steps out at parties or events, all heads turn instantly in her direction, on account of her fanciful dressing. Even other women look at her from head to toe and green with envy. 

Give it to her, she is always on point in her dressing. She always has this stunning look because of how she combines her mind blowing outfits. She looks gorgeous all the time. She is also always colourful, as she goes for bright colours, which comes out distinctly and glows on her ebony complexioned skin.

How does she manage to dazzle each time she steps out at parties, we asked her a few days ago “It is the Grace of God,” she says. “I didn’t just start today. Its inbuilt. Right from my childhood, I always admire my late grand mother, each time she attends parties.” Funmi Akintibu grew up in Ibadan. she schooled in Ibadan. “I just love looking good”. What are her fashion rules that she won’t break? What are the fashion items she can’t do without? “There is a lot. 

I ensure my colours go together. I ensure my Jewellery is nice. I ensure my head tie is in place. I also ensure my style is unique. I take my time to plan it. I know what I want. I know what looks well on me. I know what fits me and I simply keep to my rules.”

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