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Why Every Lady Should Own A Kaftan Or A Boubou - City Clothier,Temmy T, Gives Reasons

Many celebrity ladies now go for Kaftans or boubous these days for their casual look

This is because Kaftans are very easy to wear. So also Boubous. Temmy T a popular dealer in Senegalese boubous in Lagos told Citypeople that there is a big boom currently in the sale of boubous.Many women are buying boubous a lot these days. This is because it is easy to wear.It is comfortable and ready to wear. Also, have you noticed that Kaftans and Boubous now come in exciting colours and in different kinds of lovely fabrics, "she explained.

"I will always encourage my fellow women to pick up boubous and kaftans too. They create the woman in you. They make you stand out where ever you are! You can wear boubous and kaftans everywhere even to formal events. You can wear them as casuals and to occasions."

What's the difference between the two?"Kaftans have straight cuts," she explained." It could be fitted too, while boubous are free-flowing. They mostly come in one size fits all."

How come there is so much noise about Senegalese boubous? Are they the only ones who make good boubous?. Nooo. They are not the only ones making boubous. But it is because their own are unique. They make unique boubous and they have very good concepts in terms of designs and styles. We have a lot in stock for you. Call us on 08035564307

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