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Why Every Big Party Need Cocktail Drinks Popular Cocktail Provider, OYENIKE ADEBIYI

Barrister Oyenike Adebiyi (Mrs.) is one of those entrepreneurs you meet for the first time and you immediately get the feeling you’re doing business with the right person. Her calmness, confidence and sense of sincerity would certainly go a long way in reassuring you that you would get great value for your money. This undeniably pretty lady, who by the way, is also a fantastic lawyer, is the CEO of wave making Cocktail brand, February 25. She started the business about seven years ago and has since transformed it into such an incredibly big brand, but the very modest Oyenike would rather play down her accomplishments and concentrate more on the bigger goals she’s set her eyes on. Nevertheless, those who know will tell you that her cocktail outfit, February 25, is always visible at most big parties these days, offering its top notch quality service to some of the most prominent personalities in the land. It is no wonder Oyenike’s outfit won the Cocktail brand of the year


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