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Why Celebrity Ladies Go To SUSAN CHANEL For Their Skin To Look Good

Susan Chanel Beauty is one of the top beauty places in Lagos ladies go to for their beauty needs. Below is the story of Susan Chanel Beauty run by the most popular Lagos beauty expert Susan Chanel.

Please tell us about your beauty business. What services do you offer?

Susan Chanel Beauty is a Skincare brand infused with a spa that caters for the needs of both men and women alike. Alongside skin treatment and beautification, we render services such as; relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, cellulite, and g5 massage, vagina steaming, gentlemen facial ,body sculpting, brightening facials, derma perm facials, lightening body wash, post-operation care, waxing, vacuum therapy, breast firming, steaming, deluxe pedicure and manicure treatment, vagina facials, micro blading amongst others.
It all started as a humble beginning from my house 4 years ago! It's now a household name that has 3 branches namely: 50, Allen Avenue Ikeja • 12b, Fatai Idowu Arobieke Street Lekki Phase 1 • 9, Atakpame Street Off Adetokunbo Ademola Wuse 2 Abuja. God Has Been Faithful!
How can women take care of their Skin and Body?
First of all, before a woman can take care of her skin she has to figure out what works well for her skin and body. Not all products or services give the same result, so once she finds what works and what doesn't, consistency and regular spa treatment is ideal that is why monthly body wash and facials are highly recommended as well as adequate rest and a balanced diet.

What are the other things women can do to enhance their body?

Sometimes, after certain factors like stress, childbirth, hormones, work environment and so on, the body is faced with issues like sunburn, uneven skin tone, stretch marks, acne, cellulite, fat, sagged breast etc. that tends to reduce the self-esteem of a woman and we provide solutions to these issues with the body sculpting for natural weight loss that includes the process of breaking down of fat with the g5 machine and pin rolling stick, the breast firming therapy for lighting and firming sagged breasts as well as the bottoms lifting. Vijay facials. Vijay steaming Skin Exfoliation
We render these services and a whole lot more that will enhance their body as well as their self-esteem.

Why do women need to come to you the beauty experts?

It’s because the body is very sensitive and only professionals would be able to diagnose skin issues as well as recommend products or services for treatment.
For instance, some acne is hormonal and would require more than products and facials to be cured.
And when it comes to deep tissue massage which should be handled by a professional the carotid triangle or vagus nerve that is involved with controlling your breathing and heart carries some important blood vessels and is a very sensitive area that should be avoided because, if mishandled it can cause your blood pressure to drop and make you faint, as well as lead to blood clot or even a stroke!

There are a whole lot more but only trained beauty experts like us are aware of them so why not come to us?

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