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Why ADEOLA OGUNLOWO Is Always Particular About Her Looks

Adeola Ogunlowo is a good advertisement for what she does. She sells fabrics. She is a big babe who is doing well in business. She is into fashion. And that explains why she looks on point all the time, be it in Native or English outfits. She is beautiful. And she is blessed with a rich ebony skin colour that glows. She likes her natural look. Excepts for her makeup, she really does not do much to look good. She has an imposing height that makes her dresses fit her. She loves colourful outfits and she carries them well. What informs what she wears to parties? “It’s my mood ooo. Then, I like being Comfortable. I don’t like Aso Ebi, so I hardly wear aso ebi”. Why? “Because not all colours suit my dark colour. I like my complexion as it is. It’s a gift from God. So, I tend to stick to colours that work for me, colours that compliment my skin colour. Because I don’t like Ankara, I don’t own more than 5 pieces of Ankara at most...”

How come she has kept her ebony complexion intact? “Haaa....don’t go there. I can’t tamper with my skin. When I was in school...I had a lot of friends that caught the bleaching syndrome...But then I noticed it takes a lot of their time...like they have to take their bath, minimum of twice in a day. They have different kinds of creams for different parts of their body... I saw it as a time-consuming process...So there and then I made up my mind never to touch my skin. Never!” What does Style mean to her? Comfort. I have to be comfortable in anything I wear.”

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  1. πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒthat's my sis !hardworking unrelenting beautiful boss lady