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Omoladun Orolugbagbe is a very pretty naija born celebrity lady who lives in the Republic of Ireland, where she runs an online fashion business and a facebook page called Glam Ladies. She has 235,000 Likes and 245,000 Followers on Facebook. What informs her style? What informs what she wears? “It depens on “My moods and the party code. I am a lover of Culture,” she explains. “I have a very creative mind which I express through what I wear. I will encourage woman to learn upcycling-a way of reusing old clothes by restyling them. This will reduce wasteful spending and  unhealthy fashion competition among women. I love to create my own style and I don’t spend too much on clothes.
She studied History at the University of Ife and she left Naija after her NYSC. She came back for a short while for her MCA in Communication and Language Arts. She runs a fashion house called Lammy Wearz. She has done series of courses in Ireland where she resides. These are courses in Logistics, and Supply chain management, Retail Sales, Phamaceutical and Medical devise training, healthcare.
She worked for a while in a medical device company. She is a mother of 5, all of them born here in Ireland. Suddenly she suffered a change in family life. She became a single parent and out of her love for fashion, she started the Page Glam Ladies 2 years ago. She did some short training on Multimedia, website design, Wordpress, Photoshop and HTML.
She is very fashionable. She believes the Aso ebi concept has come to stay and it is still evolving. It is affordable and it brings out the creative nature of the average Nigerian woman. She is from Ilesa. Her both parents are late. She has 4 other siblings who are doing well in their chosen fields. She loves blogging because it enables her to work around her kids. She aims to play the role of a successful brand influencer because advertisers now are realising the importance of influencers with large followers play in marketing. My page is open to any brand in the fashion industry who wants any advertising space.

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