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US Businesswoman Abiodun Akwe & Her Hot Looks

She has been living in New York for the past 20years.She is into cake business. She owns Divine Ovations which bakes cakes for all occasions. She does indoor & outdoor catering.

But despite having lived abroad for over 20years, Abiodun Akwe has not changed one bit. She has remained a true naija for life woman.

Whenever she goes to parties it is always in her yoruba outfits." 

l like to look Nigerian. I like to tie my wrapper most times. l am a proper unadulterated yoruba woman. This Yoruba babe can't be changed." Her tailors are in Nigeria.

"My 2 tailors know me well and they know what to make for me. Despite the fact that we have tailors here, 99.9% of my clothes are sewn in Nigeria. Majority of my outfits are done by Kikisplace, while Kaffys place is my other tailor. Both are in Lagos.”

She is an Ijebu/Egba woman married to a Badagry man. She was born in Warri, Delta state.

She lived and grew up in Lagos. What informs what she wears to parties? "l wear whatever my instincts says I should wear."

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