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The Style Statements Of Chicago Big Babe, BODUNRIN OLUWOLE

Bodunrin Oluwole is a pretty Naija born big babe who lives well in Chicago in the US. She is a nice lady who has a good job. She is an IT Consultant to big companies and her services are in high demand. This is because she is good at what she does. But beyond that, she is stylish and beautiful too. She is naturally pretty with a gapped tooth that compliments and enhances her raw beauty. She is light skinned. She loves looking good all the time. Whether on her way to work or to parties you can't catch her unawares.

She is always on point from head to toe, from her rich luxurious hair to her accessories like earrings, neck chain, to her well made up face to her bag and shoes. Bodunrin does not compromise. She has a rich and well stock wardrobe full of lovely pieces. She looks good in formal wears. And she looks sweet in native attired. She is stylish. She is trendy. And Fashion for her has become a way of life. She loves designer accessories.  From her belt, shoes, and bags, all are big designer names.

She has a soft and lovely skin that glows and she forever smiles, flashing her lovely dentition. She pays a lot of attention to her skin and looks. She wears a low cut that fits her. She also at times changes her looks and prefers to go natural with weave on or wigs

All her friends admirers her style statements and they always look forward to whatever she will wear on a day to day basis. And she never disappoints them. 

She knows how to juggle and combine what she wears and it turns out good. Call her a fashion icon and you won't be wrong. She lives in Chicago and hardly goes to Owambe parties in winter. She loves Lace fabrics and Ankara also. What informs what she wears? "My mood and configurability," says. What informs her fashion style? "It's because I always want to look good all the time. I also want to dress the way I want to be addressed, which makes me want to be classy." She has been able to do just that.---Seye Kehinde

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