Tuesday, 12 March 2019

The Many Beauty Mistakes Ladies Make By Bimbo Afolayan

Bimbo Afolayan is a popular Nollywood star and Movie producer. But she is really BIG in the Beauty business. She is a Skin Therapist. She runs a flourishing skincare business in Lagos. She has a wide range of products registered by NAFDAC.

She has been in this beauty business for over 6 years and there are so many things she has learnt that ladies do wrong.She told Citypeople online some of these Beauty mistakes.

"The first is I have realised that some ladies don't actually know what they want. We have different kinds of tones.

People have different kinds of tones they want to stay on but once some ladies see other ladies looking Yellow they want to look yellow also.
And so they dump their tone and they want to achieve another tone.

What they don't know is that there are some tones and treatment that shouldn't work for your skin no matter the kind of Skin Therapist you go to.It just won't work. You have to stick to what your tone requires. That is it.That is one mistake I know that ladies actually make.

Another mistake they make is that they jump from one product to another product. That also doesn't work. What usually happens is they have a product they are using, they then jump to another product. They leave that and jump to another one. It doesn't work that way. Everybody has different ways of making their product.

Stick with the one you know. Stick to the lotion you know. Keep  to what your therapist says.lf u are not getting some things right ask your skin therapist. Some  girls we say l have been using a particular lotion for the past 7 days and it doesn't seem to be working for me.

And that is thrash. I am going for another lotion. That way the skin cells will start getting weak. That is one of the biggest problems I know that ladies actually make. Talking about our services, we take care of your skin.

Basically that’s what we do, whether your skin is dark or brown or yellow or white or fair in complexion. We have different kinds of tones like dark shades, Brownish, Yellow tones and so on. So we take care of the skin, at times we moisturize the skin, we have a Spa that is coming up soon. We would actually be exfoliating people's skin. We would be doing a lot of Skin treatment at the Spa.

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