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Stylish Lawyer, Dewumi Adedirans Fashion Style Revealed!!!!

Dewunmi Adediran is a stylish big babe who is always on point in her dressing. How did her Style evolve over time Citypeople asked her recently \"I think what moulded me into whom I am today is my family background. I grew up in the world within an educational community. My father is a Professor of   Law and my mother an Educationist. With such an academic environment, you can imagine the structured, loving home I come from. Both are now retired and enjoying a fun-filled, quiet life, while my three siblings and I live in our diverse worlds, keeping it real and simple.My style highlights my fashion sense distinctively.  I am young at heart, even in my 40\'s.  I love being comfortable in my attires and I love keeping it simple. I feel more comfortable in casualwear because it allows me to express my feelings and thoughts without being self-conscious and restrained. \"\"Simple,but not cheap is my way. I believe in buying quality items that I can have forever; tim


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