Friday, 22 March 2019


Lagos Big Babe, Stella Itobore loves good shoes. Once you run into her, you would immediately notice her lovely Shoes. She has a rare collection of good shoes. That is actually what she does for a living. This pretty lady sells good Shoes. She is into shoes for both Men and Women. And she has been at it for a while. She sells lovely bags also. “I love selling shoes,” she told City People recently.

“I am passionate about Shoes. I love it when people look good from Head to Toe. Even if you wear a good outfit, how about your Shoes? I personally believe that Shoes compliment an individual’s style. Shoes tell a lot about a person’s character. But I am not just passionate about Shoes. I love Fashion in general.

I love to look good. I love to look stylish. And when you check my Instagram and Facebook business page, you will know I am generally into fashion and style, not just shoes. Looking good is good business.

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