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Sexy Actress, Nkechi Blessing Steps Up Her Style

Pretty actress Nkechi Sunday Blessing is 30. And she celebrated it big a few weeks back. Nkechi is that sexy actress currently making waves in the Yoruba movie industry. She has a hot figure. Over the years she has become a household name in Nollywood, having featured and performed excellently well in many movies. Nkechi who is popularly Omoge Lekki is from Abia State but was born & bred in Surulere, Lagos State.She is a Lagos State University, graduate. She has a degree in Theatre Arts. She went further to study International relations at Houdegbe North America University, Benin Republic.
After school, she met her friend Kemi Korede who after seeing her passion for acting featured her in her movie Omo Bewaji in 2008. Gaining grounds, she also met Emeka Duru who offered her a role in Emem Isong’s movie, Through Fire. Blessing also starred in Alakada Reloaded, When Hell Freezes, unrequitted, The document e.t.c In 2012, Blessing traveled to South Africa and there she met Tope Bali who featured her in the movie “Kafila Omo Ibadan”. She made a debut in her career when she produced the movie Omoge Lekki, a movie about the fake lives of young girls living in Lekki. She also produced three other movies; Fiditi, Church Girls and Don. She was our guest recently at the City People round table with showbiz stars and she spoke on how her curvy shape helped her career.
 How has it been since you started and how many years now?

It’s been a while since I started, so many people think I just came from nowhere but like I tell people have been in the industry for 10 years. It’s been amazing, but the whole thing came forth in 2016 when I shot Omoge Lekki, it’s been amazing, Yoruba people are very accommodating you know a Yoruba girl.

How have you been coping, you are Igbo yet you speak Yoruba fluently?

It’s been very easy because I was bred and brought up in Lagos, it’s very easy for me to speak Yoruba fluently. I can even speak Yoruba more than I can speak my language it’s that bad.
Where are you from?

I’m from Abia State.

How did acting starts for you?

While I was growing up I used to do a little bit of drama when I was in primary school. From there I saw the trace of me being an actress and I did 6 month course from Lagos State University.
My first movies was Omobenaji by Kemi Korede, she saw my moves and she invited me from there I started doing one or two roles from referral. I don’t really go to so many auditions.

What’s your relationship with Temitope Bali?

I was in her movie in 2012, we met in South Africa, then I had the blonde hair. When she saw my blonde hair she asked if I’m a actress, I said yes that I’ve done couple of movie in Nigeria. Then she said she would want me to stare in her movie because of my hair and to way I look the movie is Kafilah Omo Ibadan in 2012 in South Africa, funny enough I’ve not even see the movie up till date but the thriller was everywhere and so many people started calling me that they saw me in the movie, and started calling me for jobs. We finished it in South Africa. We came back to Nigeria to shot some scenes too.
I changed the game when I did Judasi. I showed them talent. They saw me from the normal Omoge Lekki that knows how to shake her bum-bum.
How do you always prepare for your character each time you get a role?
You need to understand the script and switch into the character for each movie. You read the script and get into the character that is why you are an actor. So it’s been very easily for me because I have passion for acting.

What about you shape?

I would say it has helped me a lot because I can fit into any character, I’m not sure I’m that big but I can always fit into any character and kill the character.  I put a lot of work into making sure. I don’t go out of shape. I can act as a married woman, I can act as a young girl. I’m first lucky to have perfect body structure for any character.
How does your backside makes you feels?
Laugh! It makes me feel good because I cause lots of stares each time I’m passing, and I have to be happy in my own way.

What’s your relationship with your colleagues?

We have a normal colleague to colleague relationship. I am not too close to so many people in the industry. When he met on-set we relate well and nothing more.
 What’s your mum’s role in all these?

My mum is also a showbiz person, so she supported me 100%.

What does she do?

She was one of the famous bar owners in Abule Egba. She was also about fashion and lifestyle so her daughter going into showbiz wasn’t a problem for her. My mother has also been in the new before I started acting, so many newspapers, magazines always talked about her. Lots of upcoming artist and musicians used to come to our shop. So its been like an in born thing, showbiz in the blood.

Are you married?

I’m not, not that the guys are not coming but I had to take my time to actually look for the right person, because I want my marriage to actually be my own marriage.

So what kind of man do you life?

Off course I’m fine, so my husband needs to be handsome, tall, dark extremely nice and caring.

Don’t you think your kind of work can make it be a little be challenging in settling down?

I am a very easy going person. A man that will marry will need to be understanding he needs to know the kind of job I do. That is why I need to marry my best friend who will support me in all I do. But if I want to get marry today and my husband said Nkechi quit acting, I will quit.

What’s your relationship with Toyin Aimaku, you guys seems to be very close?

Whenever I look at Toyin I always see myself in Toyin Aimaku like I want to be like her even more than her if possible because she’s a fantastic actor and I look to her in so many aspect of acting. People do say that  “Oma Tinsebi Toyin”.
Well, I learnt from the best. She’s my role mode apart from her is Mercy Aigbe. Both of them are my role model.

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