Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Seun Tawede Reveals Her Beauty Secrets

Seun Tawede is a top Lagos fabric merchant. She is Stylish and Beautiful. When people meet her for the first time they usually commend her sweet looks.

She has a set of white teeth that is as white as snow.And she has flawless skin. She is blessed with a natural light skin that glows. But believe it or not she does not apply any cream on it except Vaseline. "It is hereditary," she says.

"I took after my mum.My mum's skin is like that too. Na God.Nothing more. I take care of it naturally. No special cream. I have rest of mind. And I love to sleep well. I also eat healthily. Maybe that helps."
She is a plus size.

But she carries herself well and wears lovely outfits that sit well on her well-endowed body. No wonder whenever she steps into a party all heads usually turn in her direction.

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