Thursday, 14 March 2019

Ronke Oluwafemi Steps Up Her Style

Ronke Taiwo Oluwafemi has stepped up her fashion style. Though she is an easy going celebrity lady she is one of the best dressed ladies. She knows what to wear to parties. She is pretty. And she is Stylish too. Last week.

Citypeople asked her what informs her Style and she explained that it has a lot to do with who she is."l am a very simple and modest person.lwear whatever suits me. I am not a fashion freak. But I like dressing very simple but good looking.

And sometimes l follow the fashion style in vogue,so that one can be relevant in the society."


  1. Her mode of dressing caught my fancy
    She's a fashionista

  2. Gorgeous from cradle. Keep it up sweetie.

  3. You're beautiful luv ur mode of dressing


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