Friday, 15 March 2019

REVEALED! What Society Women Rock To Parties These Days

There are many society women who make fashion statements at every party they attend. They would always make heads turn with their glowing skin, mind blowing physique, elaborate make-up, tantalising perfumes, styles, accessories and much more. Mostly, they dress to kill and become the cynosure and attention at any event they honour. Below are some fashion trends that some society women are crazy about.

First is an all-embellished attire. Society women and celebrities now make fashion statements at event and functions with their all-stoned dresses. Ankara is an ever green fabric, but it has become born again when  it is frilled with stones. The all embellished attire adds glitz and glamour to parties. Fashion queens prefer white stone while others prefer dazzling stones. In the past, scanty stones on the upper part of a dress was the vogue, but now fashion icons have embraced beautifully patterned Ankara Embellished in full stones, making them look like goddesses.

Clutch purses are the in things at parties now and they come in different shapes, colours and designs. Society women are tired of the big bags for parties and dinners and it is more fashionable and classy to rock the designer clutch purse. It is okay to display the chains on the purse and it is also not bad rocking the gorgeous purse  without the chains.

One would have thought that the off shoulder is one of those fashion trends that won’t stand the test of time, but it is amazing how fashion designers come with different innovations playing with the off shoulder trend. The off shoulder dress can either be worn one-sided or balanced at two sides. Exposing the upper part of the body was something many opted for and many gatherings, function, events. Now, parties play hosts to display of the upper side of bodies and some cleavages for those who are daring enough. The off shoulder reveals some flesh and it is a good medium to show off those beautiful and glowing skins. For some ladies, it is the best wear to reveal the beautiful artistic Tattoos on their upper part.

I am sure you have heard and seen different dramatic headgears known as the Switch gele at parties. The one million pleat gele is still trendy, but party lovers have complained that the pleat gele make people look alike and in trying to stand out, the switch gele evolved. The switch gele are meant to be dramatic, stylish, beautiful and attractive. The Switch gele came into  fashion scene and was largely accepted. The Switch gele is gradually  taking over parties as we find more of it in parties than the wrap and pleated gele. Variety is the spice of life and Switch gele is the spice for parties.

Still on the Gele matter, some classy society women have fallen in love with Turban style gele.  They neither do the pleated gele nor the switch gele. Turban wearing is  now another unique trend in the fashion world. Turban comes in different styles and designs that are very attractive. Some are meant to be tied while other come in wraps and that saves the stress of having to tie head gear or looking for someone to style the head gear.

Trending styles are not completed without a mention of dropping earrings? Jewellery and accessories.  are icing on the cake of fashion. Luxury gold merchants have affirmed that their customers request more of luxury dropping earrings than any other. Dropping earring goes with every occasion. One thing that keeps dropping earing in vogue is that it makes the face pronounced and also adds beauty to the clothe, gele or turban. Short and clip earrings are also stylish, but dropping earrings are gorgeous.

Another trend womens fashion world is the front open split. This is a dress or skirt style that helps reveal those sexy and fresh legs. The front open split does not just reveal beauty of the legs but also designer, shoes and leg chains. It also easier to walk in the front split dresses. This style is common among beautiful, skinned ladies who have good skin to show off.

Boubou is another trending style in the fashion world. Fashion designers in Nigeria have come up with diverse styles of sewing boubou. Some of the boubou collection have it shaped at the end, while some have it free at the egdes. Boubou is comfortable, stress free and stylish. Some fabric merchant even prefers the elegance of boubou and they would not trade it for anything.

The creative crazy sleeves is worthy of note. Society and celebrity women make people stare at their  them at parties with their crazy sleeves and it is intentional. They might sew a simple style but with a loud and dramatic sleeve, they arrest attention and attraction more custmers to fashion designer. It is the desire of any woman to look stylish, gorgeous and unique at every occasion and most has achieved that aim through sleeves that would keep heads turning.

Let us talk about lip sticks. The red lip stick is an ever green fashion trend that has come to stay and most society women are more comfortable in the red lips than any other colour. One fashion item that is common and important in ladies bag or purse is the lip stick. Some ladies can do without make up, but they can do without their lip stick. Some have become more daring rocking dark colour lip sticks, while other prefers the nude colours. Fashion lovers would that  lips stick is the soul of any make-up and it could all go wrong if the right colours are not picked, so it is important to carefully select shades of colour that should be applied on the lips because it either makes or mar the whole face.


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