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New luxury turbans celeb babes are crazy about

The latest trending fashion item now is the Luxury turban, most celebrity babes and society women now prefer wearing turbans than the usual gele, it’s not because gele doesn’t look good on them but they are more comfortable with turban. Another reason why they prefer to rock turban is , you can rock turban with both cooperate wear and native attire unlike that of gele that only matches with a native attire, turban is also very easy to wear i.e. you can wear it without anybody’s help but you will need a professional to help tie a beautiful gele. We all know thatnot every makeup artist knows how to tie good gele, turban has made their work easier, you can never get it wrong with turban, with or without makeup, turbans remains very classy and simple. Although turbans has been existing for a very long time but designers have taken it to another level, they now use strictly luxury materials in making them, they also embellish them with crystal stones,expensive beads, trimmings, a


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