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She is one of the top beauticians in Lagos who make other women look beautiful. She is good at what she does. Debbie Ajayi is the CEO of Elites Beauty World in Lagos. She told City People that she derives pleasure in making other women look good. How did she develop that passion for it. “There is a story behind me choosing Beauty and Fashion” she explained. “While I was growing up, I've always loved to look good. While children love watching cartoons and children's programs on television, I always look forward to entertainment shows!

“As an adolescent, I suffered low self esteem, I felt I wasn't enough, I envied beautiful girls and wished I was prettier. Yeah, now I know it's a mindset thing. This made me spend so much time in front of the mirror, trying to see what's wrong, what I needed to add and what to minus to gain my self confidence. While I was in the university,  I was selling beauty products as a side hustle thing, and I explain how it would be used to my buyers! By and by, I was more determined to go full time into the beauty industry. I went online to know more about beauty and skincare and I went further into a beauty school to study it. It was fun because it's something I always wanted. That was how I turned my passion into profession. What are the major mistakes. women make, beauty wise. Yeah, everyone has a thing that works for them in terms of beauty. But I notice some mistakes ladies made in using skincare products”.

“As a Nigerian, first thing we should realize is that we have a harsh weather and we  have different skin types. Cosmetics should be applied in this accordance so as to have a youthful and beautiful skin that speaks of your self confidence”.
For example, body creams should not be applied to the face. Why? Simply because most body creams does not contain sunscreen! So, when it is applied to the face, it makes the face exposed to sunburn, wrinkles, rashes, etc. Another thing is that we have different skin types, so, cosmetics should be applied in this accordance”.

“In the application of make ups too. Most times I advice my clients to take care of their skin so that they can go out without a single make up on the face and still feel good about themselves! Makeups should be applied according to skin type, skin color and shape of face. If it's not done right, it becomes horrible. Then to haircare. I offer services like skincare, haircare, make-up, and I sell sex enhancers.”

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