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Everyone simply calls her Toyin. But some call her Adunni. But her real name is Oluwatoyin Adunni Sanusi. She is a Nigerian babe who lives in London. This pretty babe is very fashionable. 

She loves to dress well, all the time. She told City People what determines her Style. “I don’t go with what’s in vogue. I go with what suits my physique”, she told City People. What won’t she be found wearing? “Jeans. I won’t be found wearing Jeans”.

“I don’t really like Jeans. I love African attires a lot. I love bright colours. I love to make fashion statements when I step out I like to turn heads”.

“I also love a lot of attention to go to my eyes. That is why I take care of my eyes OMG! I love beautiful and sexy eyes. 

I love to make up. I love good make up. I love to look good. I don’t copy. I try to create my own fashion style because I love to look different from the crowd. I like to stand out. I don’t go with the flow. Fashion to me is about Comfort. It is about what you are comfortable in. It is about what I am comfortable in. That’s how I see it”.

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